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Gold and Silver

Oh how we all want gold – not sure about anyone else, but I’m getting addicted to these wonderful Gold Rush type programs! It wasn’t until the news stated a couple of weeks ago about a nose dive in gold values that I even though about buying some. It’s always been hyped as the “never go down only goes up” way of saving and always secure.

So after a scurry around I found Bullion Vault (link below). They give you silver to start with! Ok so its a TINY tiny amount – but hey. . sign up and you’ve got free silver 🙂

I signed up a couple of weeks ago – got my “free” silver + 1 euro, 1 pound and 1 dollar and started trading and made a whopping 50p in a week 🙂 That said – I’ve now deposited some money and while not staggering amounts, I’m making money and having some fun trading 🙂 Give it a shot! 🙂


Have fun!


Well – Still . . .waiting. .

Hopefully today will be the final bit of the kitchen. Today – the plinths should go on . . . which finally draws a line under the whole thing!

Then photo’s – summary – and a vow to NEVER do this again!

We do have one loose tile which needs fixing. . .but I can live with that for the short term.

So – fingers crossed, if it isn’t today it won’t be for a couple of weeks as the builders are going on vacation. . .


Pet Woes

Been an ever increasing expense with the pets recently. Another visit to the vets for Buzz – our big white GSD.  The wife took him for a nice run on the bike – best intentions. However he came back with his pads worn down and bloody 🙁

Good news is he’s going to be fine, he’s got some dressing and bandages on that make him look like a boxer! But just waiting for them to heal up properly.

Bandit is doing fine. Getting much better an asking to go out – although this usually just is a little whimper or cry. But my doggy interpretation skills are improving!!!




Half Way There!

Well painting wise anyway 🙂

Been waiting for the plaster to dry – finally was dry enough today to start painting.

So watered down basecoat then two coats of white on the ceiling. Then the walls (2 coats over most of it). Has taken me from 10:00am until 19:30 🙁 So prob Tue night or more likely Wed night I have the same to do again over the other side of the kitchen. No idea how I’m going to manage this in one night (with no lights!).

Again – more photo’s taken. . . will post them when all done 🙂


IT . . .IS . . . FINISHED!

. . .and once it is tidy – I’ll have photos to prove it!

Plinths done now, skirting board done. . .just tidy up bits for me to finish (ie sealant/caulking) but nothing major. Still got one loose tile + doors to replace. . but the main bit . . the actual KITCHEN . . is finished! 7 weeks is all it took – only SEVEN! Not the 2-3 expected. . .

But it is done and that is the most important thing. Just need to keep it nice/clean and tidy – yeh like that is gonna happen 🙂

I’ll take some finished photos today – and put them up. Overall I’m happy with it – few niggles but nothing major. Definately need a tumble dryer as the big hole waiting for it keeps staring at me!


It’s all so NEW!

Well finally decided to move hosts due to rubbish performance, and decided at the same time I’d give the website an overhall. It’s now run by a “blogging” front end, so expect more rubbish from me posted more regularly! All the photo’s and stories are still here (although will be moving the photo site shortly as well).

This main page will show all the stuff I post in chronological order – if you’re only interested in certain categories, you can select that below.

Other than that – feel free to sign up, post comments and if you really want. . . I can set up a blog for you.


. . and gather they will. . .

Well full house at the moment – plasterer arrived nice and early, then the electrician. . and now the builders.

However – builders don’t seem too happy about the delay with the plasterer. But just have to see how it goes.

Decided to put up some pictures as well from start – to now 🙂



. . .is exactly how it felt! My internet connection died . . .and suddenly you realise how much you need it, want it etc etc. I hated it!!!

I was grateful it was backup after a couple of days – it is silly in so many ways how it affects you!


Ready, Steady and don’t look closely!

Well first few cabinets are built and up on the walls, extractor fan in place.

So from the outside it looks good. . . but they haven’t finished or even close to and I’m sure there are tidy up bits they will sort.

But it was a bit heartbreaking to see chunks of paint missing that will need redoing (with all cabinets up). Now I’m hoping they will do that . . . but when I’ve painted over where paint has come off . . it never looks as good 🙁

I’m just going to hope for now as I’m sure they’ve loads to do. . . .


New Year – New What . . . ?

Well New Year has been and gone. . . not my best ever to be honest. But unfortunately things happen in life and this year I’m not going to let them get me down (or at least not for long!). Lifes too short these days. . . too many surprises around.

So – whats in store!?

Job – hate it, I mean REALLY hate it. I think my role should be renamed “Shit Shoveler” as it is all I seems to be all I do, or it could be “Beating Wall” – that is the other half of my job. Getting all the crap for others not doing there job. Oh well. I’d love to change it – but it isn’t practical. But I do intend to get some qualifications in place and start looking at my options. At least with those I’ll be in a better place.

Health – well, I’ve decided I do drink too much and I’m too fat 🙂 Drinking is my one only real vice left, but I’ve decided to cut down (only a bit) but enough to make me feel more comfortable about it. But weight (tied in to drink) is the key one. So bit more exercise, better eating habits and hopefully I’ll start to drop off some weight. If not – then it gets drastic.

Social – all a mixed bag now for me. Don’t know where things are going to end up – but I’m going to plod through. Lifes too short 🙂 I want to get back into cooking some meals – I enjoy the cooking lark and the nights were pretty good fun. Not sure about parties now … but we’ll see. Hopefully get the wife out more often which would be nice! Other than that. . camping 🙂 Going to do alot of that this year – really enjoyed it the few times we’ve been. The new tent is great (even though pain to take down), we’ve got most of the utils we want – but may look at getting a few bits in the there. Including the full fold back lounger style chair the wifey wants. Overall the dogs are getting better – so that will help as well. Shame the farm we went to last year might not be able to do camping . . was great for the basic weekend away!

Other than that – I’m hoping to get a family on the go, we’ve been trying (ish) but think we need a little push. Finally . . money. . god we love spending it! But now need to save it. . .specially if little April happens!

So – a new year. 2 weeks in . . . and starting to look up. Hope its a good year – we need one!