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Gold and Silver

Oh how we all want gold – not sure about anyone else, but I’m getting addicted to these wonderful Gold Rush type programs! It wasn’t until the news stated a couple of weeks ago about a nose dive in gold values that I even though about buying some. It’s always been hyped as the “never go down only goes up” way of saving and always secure.

So after a scurry around I found Bullion Vault (link below). They give you silver to start with! Ok so its a TINY tiny amount – but hey. . sign up and you’ve got free silver 🙂

I signed up a couple of weeks ago – got my “free” silver + 1 euro, 1 pound and 1 dollar and started trading and made a whopping 50p in a week 🙂 That said – I’ve now deposited some money and while not staggering amounts, I’m making money and having some fun trading 🙂 Give it a shot! 🙂


Have fun!


Ready, Steady and don’t look closely!

Well first few cabinets are built and up on the walls, extractor fan in place.

So from the outside it looks good. . . but they haven’t finished or even close to and I’m sure there are tidy up bits they will sort.

But it was a bit heartbreaking to see chunks of paint missing that will need redoing (with all cabinets up). Now I’m hoping they will do that . . . but when I’ve painted over where paint has come off . . it never looks as good 🙁

I’m just going to hope for now as I’m sure they’ve loads to do. . . .


Lessons Learned

Was skimming through my blog and suddenly thought – I’m not really using categories. . .so out of the 2 or 3 people that may read this blog – they can’t just look up the kitchen whine or my wine making exploits. So I’ve now gone through ALL posts and setup some new categories *points to the right had column where categories are* 🙂


Perform Magic?

Well seems like I will have to now. . .

After being told “you need to paint before we can put in cabinets otherwise you’ll find you get paint on them . . ” I’m now being told that I will just have to cover things over when I paint. This is of course to ensure that the builders do the bits they want on time!

So – fancy painting a brand new fully fitted kitchen without getting a drop of paint on anything? I know I don’t!

Also – they have dropped in that they expect me to do the touching up. . . so why did I bother putting in the effort I did when it seems I am going to have to REPAINT it all anyway!

Not happy!


Light at the end of the tunnel??

Or just someone further in lighting a fag!

Well – things have progressed. . . we have cupboards on walls, on floor and some doors on! Pipework has been done for new sink and fridge. We’ve even got the worktops on today!

Trouble is – no painting done on the 2nd half of the kitchen. So it will be a nightmare to paint. I’m hoping to do some of it tonight.

Sounds good yeh? Well few “concerns” but again waiting till they’ve finished. . . but pipes where washing machine is going to go means it will potentially stick out an inch. Similar with built in freezer – which would look quite bloody stupid! However – going to wait until they move these bits in so we can see then.

Electrician still got to wire everything in and test. He’s in tomorrow but expect this to be next week when he finishes. So . . . potentially next weekend means kitchen fully done (EVEN TILING!!). But not going to hold my breath.


The Week It All Ends . . . . nearly. . .

Well – really taking shape now, splashbacks going on as I type.

Friday was mostly just the Cornice being done as only one builder here. But now really starting to look like a kitchen. Hoping one more day and then tidy up for builders which gives the electrician the chance to finish off his bits.

We were hoping to get the tiling done this week as well – but that will be Monday. Spose it gives me a little more time to actually finish painting. I did think about it over the weekend, but thought best to let them finish THEN paint to avoid anymore touching up afterwards. Kinda distressing when you’ve spent ages painting and bits get knocked etc.

So – once finished, is the clean. . . the whole kitchen going to need scrubbing top to bottom. THEN we can have the party 🙂


Today . . . Is gonna be the day . . .

. . . or is it!?

Well hopefully will be – glad to say some concerns me/other half had weren’t justified and they’ve done a good job so far. Bit of a rollercoaster with an absolutely AWFUL time with work for me 🙁

Sockets are now up in most places (but not live yet).

So . . is today gonna be the day they all bugger off!? 🙂

To do list for them – plumb in sink and radiator, build big pan draws, pull out larder, seal the sides, put in freezer, (hopefully) block gap above fridge freezer and pelmets. Electrician needs to wire in the under cupboard lights n stuff.

Here’s hoping!!!


Well it wasn’t . . . and neither will today!

Builders in doing the pelmets and sealing the sides – that is about it today for them. Hopefully just half a day . . . however this also means that the electrician can’t do what he needs to do again. Big kitchen – but electrician feels bad trying to work around them . . .

So – perhaps tomorrow . . tomorrow . . . theirs always tomorrow . . . and the day after etc etc etc.


. . .and not today. . .

Well the tiler called yesterday saying his current job has overun which means he can’t come and do ours. . .it will be this week. . but he doesn’t know when. ARRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Phew – feel a little better now.

Still hoping it will be finished this weekend, so we can finish putting all the bits back in ready for a party!


Whine – or wine!

Well after all my whining about the kitchen – I’ve decided to use some of the new space. . .to make wine 🙂

Out in the garden we have a large plum tree – which was FULL of plums.

Now – I’ve always wanted to make wine (and beer . . . ) but never got round to it. But seemed a silly waste of plums to just let them fall on the floor (and attract more wasps!) So to that end – I spent 30 mins collecting about 5KG of plums, washed and de stoned them. . .then whacked em in the freezer.

Today – I’ve bought the basics I need to start making wine. . .and tonight – I start!

I’ll keep it updated here (perhaps even with the odd photo WOW!).