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Gold and Silver

Oh how we all want gold – not sure about anyone else, but I’m getting addicted to these wonderful Gold Rush type programs! It wasn’t until the news stated a couple of weeks ago about a nose dive in gold values that I even though about buying some. It’s always been hyped as the “never go down only goes up” way of saving and always secure.

So after a scurry around I found Bullion Vault (link below). They give you silver to start with! Ok so its a TINY tiny amount – but hey. . sign up and you’ve got free silver 🙂

I signed up a couple of weeks ago – got my “free” silver + 1 euro, 1 pound and 1 dollar and started trading and made a whopping 50p in a week 🙂 That said – I’ve now deposited some money and while not staggering amounts, I’m making money and having some fun trading 🙂 Give it a shot! 🙂


Have fun!


Well – It is now. . Mr & Mrs

12 years – and finally we’ve done it and tied the knot!

The day . . was excellent – I don’t think we could have asked for more from friends, family and those supporting the wedding (videographer etc).

First round of photo’s are up:

Hopefully lots more to follow (we want people to send through all photo’s to us) – so keep checking back 🙂


Today . . . Is gonna be the day . . .

. . . or is it!?

Well hopefully will be – glad to say some concerns me/other half had weren’t justified and they’ve done a good job so far. Bit of a rollercoaster with an absolutely AWFUL time with work for me 🙁

Sockets are now up in most places (but not live yet).

So . . is today gonna be the day they all bugger off!? 🙂

To do list for them – plumb in sink and radiator, build big pan draws, pull out larder, seal the sides, put in freezer, (hopefully) block gap above fridge freezer and pelmets. Electrician needs to wire in the under cupboard lights n stuff.

Here’s hoping!!!


Why do we work?

I have only ever met a few people in my life who actually enjoy their job. I know that currently I completely and utterly HATE mine. The stress I go through is totally unacceptable, its certainly not healthy either.

So why go through it? To be honest I try to live to the view I work to live, not live to work. We have a nice house, two dogs, we don’t struggle for money. So we can’t complain.

But when you find you start working 12 hours a day every day, that you can’t sleep that well anymore and just feel down. . . well when does it become too much?

I always wondered what would be my dream job, or a job I’d wake up in the morning and go YES I’m happy to be going to work today. But for now the only path I see is earning money, not enjoying a job but at least having the surroundings that I try to make it all worthwhile is.

Where is the lucky lottery ticket when you need it eh!

Phew !!!

Well back from a great honeymoon. . .we met some loverly people out there and the place was loverly!

Finally got all the photos uploaded now (check links on the right)and just trying to sort out the wedding video so I can upload some “fun” parts of that 🙂

Off soon to go and get the complete footage as well. . . so that should be fun trolling through about 10 hrs of video footage!


Well it wasn’t . . . and neither will today!

Builders in doing the pelmets and sealing the sides – that is about it today for them. Hopefully just half a day . . . however this also means that the electrician can’t do what he needs to do again. Big kitchen – but electrician feels bad trying to work around them . . .

So – perhaps tomorrow . . tomorrow . . . theirs always tomorrow . . . and the day after etc etc etc.


One Year On . . . .

Well – yesterday was our 1st anniversary. . . already! To be honest, time has flown by so fast it is scary – but they say time flies when you’re having fun.

Amazing to think that 1 year ago – I had one of the best days of my life, and a year later. . . it still feels good.

Quite a quiet day in the end (wife could NOT decide what she wanted to do) – but we did visit the place where we had our reception. Nice walk around there and a few memories as well. To think that this time last year we were on our way to Mexico is what really sucks!! 🙂

Well – 1 year down . . .many more to go – if she’s lucky of course! :)).



Well – all those promises of more regular updates. . kinda fell by the wayside 🙂

But. . who knows!!

I’ve still not started doing P90X yet – weight is fluctuating around the 15st 12 mark and I can’t seem to get past that. But I’ll be honest and say I’ve not been trying that hard. I am playing squash now 1/2 times a week. . . good bit of fun n sweat.

Only other key things – kitchen! We’ve finally ordered our new kitchen and had a wall knocked down! Now just waiting for the quotes to finalise and . . sort out an electrician. All these new laws. . .I’m sure it is only for people to make more money off us 🙁

Work is crap – I am really hating things. . but not much to do about that!

Wedded life. . is bliss. . . honestly. Since getting married I don’t have to talk to her, or anything 🙂 Only joking . . .we are getting on great. . just totally skint all the time.


. . .and not today. . .

Well the tiler called yesterday saying his current job has overun which means he can’t come and do ours. . .it will be this week. . but he doesn’t know when. ARRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Phew – feel a little better now.

Still hoping it will be finished this weekend, so we can finish putting all the bits back in ready for a party!


I’ve started. . will I finish!

Well with the baby on the way I’m determined to try and lose a bit of weight and get a bit fitter. I keep on talking about it and a while back I tried the P90X. Well since then my weight has increased and my will to do anything about has decreased. But today I’ve started a new workout regime and we’ll see how it goes.

Its on the Xbox and its EA Sports Active 2. I’ll be honest and say I don’t particularly like it, it isn’t very good at recognition with some horrible bugs. It also seems to assume we all live in a mansion, not just the 6ft (+++!) for the kinect but also space behind that 6ft for you to do a full outstretched press up! But I paid good money for it so intend to use it. I’ve also now got the jaccuzzi all warmed up – which will be my treat after each work out 🙂

I’m also going to be playing squash a couple of times a week. I don’t like that I have to do this workout 4 times a week + squash, but just have to work through it.

So – day 1 today, good sweat on from it and it reckons a whole 160 calories burned! Hmmmm I’ve having a kebab tonight so bang goes the good there! 🙂

Well day off tomorrow then Thurs/Fri to go. I’ll keep you updated! 🙂