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Gold and Silver

Oh how we all want gold – not sure about anyone else, but I’m getting addicted to these wonderful Gold Rush type programs! It wasn’t until the news stated a couple of weeks ago about a nose dive in gold values that I even though about buying some. It’s always been hyped as the “never go down only goes up” way of saving and always secure.

So after a scurry around I found Bullion Vault (link below). They give you silver to start with! Ok so its a TINY tiny amount – but hey. . sign up and you’ve got free silver 🙂

I signed up a couple of weeks ago – got my “free” silver + 1 euro, 1 pound and 1 dollar and started trading and made a whopping 50p in a week 🙂 That said – I’ve now deposited some money and while not staggering amounts, I’m making money and having some fun trading 🙂 Give it a shot! 🙂


Have fun!


Friends . . . and a kitchen!

Friendships are weird things – sometimes do you sit back and wonder whether they are really worth it? One rule for some – one rule for others. . . depending on which way the wind is blowing you are “in” or “out”. Frustrating things really 🙂

Anyway – all good fun. . life would be boring without them eh!

Our new kitchen has been delivered now – I’ve stripped off alot of the old wall cupboards and tiles, got an electrician in doing some wiring work and plasterer all booked ready to go. However. . . the wonderful builders who were meant to be BUILDING the kitchen are just messing us around. They are quoting quite a high price, no confirmation on dates (even though we’ve said yes!) and generally just making us feel it isn’t worth it. I mean – we are spending nearly £2000 for them to just BUILD and install the kitchen! I’m taking the old one out, paying for plasterer separately, got an electrician in and ME decorating – so it isn’t loads they have to do! Also they don’t include the tiling of the floor. So spending that much for what feels like so little. . . .why are we having to chase them daily? Really REALLY annoys me.

Now going to start looking for someone else. . .don’t think we have much choice now 🙁


Lessons Learned

Was skimming through my blog and suddenly thought – I’m not really using categories. . .so out of the 2 or 3 people that may read this blog – they can’t just look up the kitchen whine or my wine making exploits. So I’ve now gone through ALL posts and setup some new categories *points to the right had column where categories are* 🙂


Worming at 6 weeks

Well – not long to go now – 4 days and we pick him up!!! Sure after a few days I’ll be banging my head against the wall as we find the shoes destroyed, wires in half and a whining pup :yes: :crazy: But to be honest – we can’t wait!

Anyway – the website of the owners has been udpated with a vid of them worming the pups – not really like OOOH WOW. . . but snipped out the bit with “Karbon” which will be our pup 🙂


Enjoy the squeals – not sure how much is him and how much is the others!


Kitchen all around. . .and no one to fit.

Well the saga still continues! Still no decision from the builders who were MEANT to be doing our kitchen.

Yesterday I did have someone new round, they are meant to be calling back with a quote today. Let us see what they say!

Only good/bad news was that they felt it would take 3 people a week to do it. . and if just 2 of them. . .longer than a week. So good news on that part, and it did make me feel a little better about the quote from our other builders.

That said – we can hardly move in the kitchen now. No way of cooking a proper meal. It is starting to REALLY grind 🙁


Bubble Bubble . . .

The wine is fermenting nicely at the moment – just given it a little “push down” to move the pulp floating towards the bottom and got some nice hissing and bubbles. Also – hoping that it keeps its colour, as it looks GREAT 🙂 It is a nice pink colour at the moment, and if it stays that way (and clears that way) will look like a great bottle of rose wine 🙂

Smell wise – well . . it smells nice to be honest. Very fruity. I had a quick dip of the finger as well . . and taste isn’t too bad. If it “improves” from this point – could end up a great little thing. I’ve got about enough plums to make another two lots of this, so once I’ve moved this into the big glass jar I’m going to make a decision about the rest. If I think this is going to be nice – time to buy some more big glass jars (only £2.50ish each) and two more packs to make the wine with and make 2 gallons worth!!!

That will give me a total of 18 bottles of wine in about 6-8 weeks.

I’ll get some more photos at the next stage 🙂


Puppy Day!

Yup – today is the day we pick him up. Going to be a long morning (due to work as much as anything else)then I’m sure a very very sleepless weekend! Fingers crossed we can settle him down quickly though. He’s going to be the first one that goes. . .so it will be a big shock to him. Heartbreaking in many ways. . . feel so guilty taking him away from his mum/brothers/sisters. But he’ll have Buzz to keep him company 🙂

We’ve also decided to make sure we take LOTS of photos and vids this time round 🙂 So expect some updates on here 🙂


Well – Still . . .waiting. .

Hopefully today will be the final bit of the kitchen. Today – the plinths should go on . . . which finally draws a line under the whole thing!

Then photo’s – summary – and a vow to NEVER do this again!

We do have one loose tile which needs fixing. . .but I can live with that for the short term.

So – fingers crossed, if it isn’t today it won’t be for a couple of weeks as the builders are going on vacation. . .


Pet Woes

Been an ever increasing expense with the pets recently. Another visit to the vets for Buzz – our big white GSD.  The wife took him for a nice run on the bike – best intentions. However he came back with his pads worn down and bloody 🙁

Good news is he’s going to be fine, he’s got some dressing and bandages on that make him look like a boxer! But just waiting for them to heal up properly.

Bandit is doing fine. Getting much better an asking to go out – although this usually just is a little whimper or cry. But my doggy interpretation skills are improving!!!




Half Way There!

Well painting wise anyway 🙂

Been waiting for the plaster to dry – finally was dry enough today to start painting.

So watered down basecoat then two coats of white on the ceiling. Then the walls (2 coats over most of it). Has taken me from 10:00am until 19:30 🙁 So prob Tue night or more likely Wed night I have the same to do again over the other side of the kitchen. No idea how I’m going to manage this in one night (with no lights!).

Again – more photo’s taken. . . will post them when all done 🙂