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There be PEOPLE!

Well – Bandit has had his first real exposure to kids and people, and was great (although knackered by the end of the day). We had a big BBQ with friends coming round, including their kids, so it was all go. He got on great with the kids, loved the attention and thankfully DIDN’T get under peoples feet 🙂

He’s still only got one ear up – but other one is starting to make progress. We are hoping soon to start taking him for some short walks out the front. He’s doing his puppy socialisation – so we think we’ll try this week for a short little walk 🙂


As requested 🙂


The ear is UP

Ok no photo just yet – but his left ear is now up 🙂 May not seem much – but each little thing brings a smile 🙂

He’s also had his first pupy socialisation class. It went well – first few lessons, which went well. I did a little more training today – but we do need to work more on the toilet training. Sometimes he’s fine – others. . . he’ll just wander out of site and go 🙁

Wouldn’t mind by 5 mins before . . I took him outside!

But seriously, next is to start his training properly. Young pups are so eager to learn and it is a great time to start training them.

I’m hoping to get some more photos up this week – we’ll have to see 🙂



Well camping is FUN 🙂

A few weeks ago we decided to use some of my payrise to buy a new decent tent. Now we’ve got the pup (who’s growing SO fast) we won’t be having any holidays abroad for a while 🙁 So – after a couple of try attempts to see if the wife would cope with camping, we went and got a nice Outwell Arkansas 5 man tent. Big, solid and we are chuffed to bits with it 🙂

We are just back after another weekend away at a place in the New Forest. Just a big field with a couple of portaloos!

The dogs LOVE it. Just need to sort out the barking/semi aggresiveness of Buzz to strangers and it will be excellent.

Couple of photo’s below.


Here comes the Suuuuuunnnnn . . .

Well the sun is here and has been all week, a great weekend of shiney fun!

So much sun – decided I had to get the pool out. . unfortunately the 12ft pool I bought last year (primarily to put the pond fish into while I redo the pond) is a little too big for the garden. . or should I say it would become the garden :).

Anyway – got hold of a smaller 8ft pool, nice little cover for it and the filter from the 12ft all running. Ok it was bloody freezing over the weekend after just being filled. But tried it again last night – and while cool, definitely not cold.

Intending to leave it out for the summer – supposedly this is going to be a hot one for us in the UK.


. . and the days go on . . and on :)

Well hasn’t been too much to update on really. Buzz’s op went well. . although we did take him back the next day to get him checked over. Unfortunately he wasn’t drinking at all (eating fine) – but he’d been without water for a couple of days. Thankfully – all sorted now and he’s back to his normal self.

We’ve obviously had to restrict some of the play fights – need to make sure Buzz doesn’t rip out his stitches. But few more days and we can relax a bit.

Few photos for you :)Bandit’s ear is nearly up! It flops up from time to time – but reckon in the next few days he’ll have an ear up!

Today he goes for his injections – vet seemed to think he needed both again not just a booster. . . not convinced. . . but who are we to argue. . we won’t get a certificate if we don’t get him done again. Yet more money spent 🙁

I expect the vets will fall in love with him (as they do with Buzz) – but it’s nice to see that 🙂


Ear ear guvner!

Well it’s been a busy couple of weeks! We’ve had two weeks off from work, done some camping, rushing around doing odds n sods. . . but best of all. . . the EAR IS UP! 🙂

We’ve gone from

Ear down. . .

. . . .to

He looks like a REAL doggy now! (Btw he’s all wet in the photo above after rolling around in the wet grass while camping).

So all going well on the pup sides, all jabs done, Buzz’s paws are now healed up nicely.

The only downside to camping, is that Buzz has started to become very protective. This means if people come over he starts barking and growling, if you didn’t know him you’d certainly think twice about approaching (unfortunately it didn’t stop some inquisitive kids!).


Day 6

Well this was another bit of struggle – but mainly due to lack of time. With friends coming round early evening and the hassle of trying to get fitted for a wedding suit. . . it meant finding the hour wasn’t easy.

But – I finally did, totally unprepared for it, but found the hour I needed and started KEMPO! HIIII YA!

Kempo is more like “boxercise” ie kicks/punches etc. It is also a good cardio/calorie burning session. While it was hard at first getting the moves right . . . and doing things that your body wasn’t used to, I did find myself in a deep sweat after about 20 mins that carried all the way through. One thing is clear though – I need more agility which should come over the next few weeks.

Another good point about this – was the “tip of the day” (which all routines have). The tip is not to force the moves and “flick” your arms out but to make sure it is controlled so you don’t stress the joints/muscles. Something my missus needs to learn doing her turbo jam where she is flicking out then complaining of back twitches etc!

Anyway – 1hr done, protein shake drank – and starting to recover ready for a long night! Again – I feel good once I’ve recovered. . just wish I could enjoy the actual exercising!


Day 5

Woh . . .today was a struggle after yesterdays failed attempt. . .much of the “why bother” attitude flowing through. But after a swift kick up the ass – it was time for day 5. Legs and back.

Now my legs are still feeling weak after the pylometrics on day 2, just running up the stairs brings the burning right back in! So a routine focusing on legs was FAR from what I wanted. But – must be done!

So, another hour routine which was based around lunges/squat positions and pullups . . good ole pullups!

It was another tough one – similar to day 1, but I struggled through . . again taking the mentality to do what I can properly, not just push myself and hurt myself again. By the end I was knackered, sodden with sweat, out of breath and ready to colapse! So I think I pushed just enough.

Was has disappointed me though – is I forgot about the abs routine . . again. Now the biggest problem I have is my gut/abs. . so missing it out 2 times in the first week and one lame attempt isn’t really going too well. I may try to fit them in tomorrow. . + Kempo!

Another thing I’ll mention about all these routines – is you don’t need a gym to do them in. No machines for leg extentions etc, just your body and possibly some dumbells if needed. Also there is usually an “extra” you can add into most things for the extra burn.

So – nearly 1 week down. . couple of breakdowns along the way, but if I can do Kempo tomorrow + abs X I’ll be very happy and ready for week 2. My weight has dropped to its more normal 16 3-4, but nothing else. I’ve semi dieted down to 15st 13. So until my weight hits 15st 7 I don’t see a reason to celebrate. But when it does. . OH YEH!! But tomorrow will not help. . apart from the beers tonight, we’ve friends coming round tomorrow and I’m doing a mexican. . .those calories are gonna kill me. While I’m not doing the full diet – I am trying to be better. . .honest!


Quiet . . .SO so quiet. .

Ahh the sound of. . . just me working. What a relief that is! Having people in working on the kitchen everyday is in many ways horrible. Banging, crashing – doors slamming. . .just gets to you after a bit.

Currently the plasterer is handling some personal business – hoping to be here this afternoon.

We had a chat yesterday – now remember, builders coming in Monday. So I need to decorate between now and then (once plaster has dried). However – he said he can finish by . . . Tuesday! So then I have to wait for it to dry. . then paint . . then get builders in. Which kinda buggers things up BIG time.

Anyway – we hope he can finish one half of the kitchen by Friday – so that I can paint it by Monday. This leaves the builders one half of the kitchen to work on while the plasterer does the other half. I’m hoping that will be the easier half to do as well!

Then . . if he can finish Monday (hopefully) I can paint Tues evening . . .but got a feeling dates are going to slip.

There is some good news though – tiler for the floor came in quite a good price and is flexible. Reckon a week on Saturday we should have a new kitchen!!!!


Day 4

Well today turned out to be a bit of a disaster. Work had been pretty hectic . . so I didn’t get to start when I had wanted to, but I got changed went down ready to GO FOR IT!

Today was Yoga – now I’ve never done it, know about it . . or seen it. I’ve only heard you fart lots during it!? So I start it up. . and off we go. . . but I couldn’t really. It was clear at the time you cannot do Yoga while looking at a tv screen, you need to KNOW what you are doing in each move (or at least have a good idea) otherwise when you are head down in a position and he says warrior 2 – you don’t have a clue.

So after about 15 mins (and I’d broken a sweat) I called a day to it and stopped it. My plan is to watch it separately once or twice and see how it goes the next time I try. . .

Just means I have to work extra hard tomorrow!!