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“I am a cider drinker . . . .”

Well my plum wine is still bubbling away – I measured the gravity of it at the beginning of the week (1050) and that basically means 2 things. It must have been VERY sweet when I started. . . and has a long long way to go! By the instructions – another week and I should start to add the other bits. Thankfully, after reading up I know that I need to let it ferment down a LOT lower than it is (somewhere just below 1.000 if possible).

So – after scouring forums and learning – I’ve found you can make “Turbo Cider” using apple juice from supermarkets.

Simply – put in 3 litres of apple juice into a demi john, add yeast, leave for 36 hours, add in another 1.5ltrs and let it “ferment out” then bottle. Put in half a tsp of sugar per half pint or something to make it fizzy.

Well – I wasn’t sure what sort of apple juice – so we got the pure non concentrate stuff. Which is a shame because it is cloudy and – well it isn’t going to be that turbo . . it kinda goes a little slow 🙂 Lessons learned there. Next batch will be done with cheapy tesco value “made from concentrate” stuff.

Will keep you updated!


One Gallon Down!

Well my first gallon of white wine is finished, bottled and one bottle less already!

It is quite light, and lacks vinosity (wine body flavour) – which will be easily resolved in the next batch I intend to start tonight. Going to do some minor changes on this one – intend to use white wine concentrate (200ml) in one and raisens in the other. This should help add some “grunt” to it 🙂

I need more DJ’s tho . . .currenly I’m running 4 on the go each time. The two gallons of cider have all been drunk! I need more of that on the go as well!!!

The Cider turned out great to be honest. The cheapy plain one tasted loads better than the previous scrumpy wanna be. The one with honey in just had that little addition that was nice to be honest.

Anyway – 2nd gallon of wine is now ready be bottled. I’m hoping to leave them for as long as I can to let them mature.

I’ve also started a Rose – that is nearly ready to be racked into another DJ. Very fruity flavour. . not 100% sure if it is for me or not. . .will wait till it has matured a bit.

So – if anyone is interested. . here is what the whites DID look like – and the gallon that is ready for bottling today 🙂

. . .and after clearing. . .