Monthly Archives: April 2008

. . and now we wait. . .

3-4 weeks!!! The wine is now in the demi john and is fermenting nicely. Lots of bubbles coming up through the airlock.

It is still very very cloudy – and more of a brown than a rose at the moment, but fingers crossed. In a few weeks time I’ll be putting in some stuff to clear it and then finally bottling it.

It will be at this stage whether I decide I am going to make another batch of the plum wine, I’ll have tasted it and sweetend to the right levels – so if it isn’t horrendous I’ll probably get started straight away on the next batch. Once I’ve used up all the plums I’ll give one of the nice red wine kits a go 🙂


It is FINALLY Finished!

Actually – no it isn’t. . . it bloody well should be . . but isn’t 🙁

The kitchen currently has been out of use for about 3 days. The tiler came in to do his bit – and . . . ran out of time.

He should HOPEFULLY be back tonight to finish off and do the grouting. . . then . . it is just the plinths and skirting board and THEN. . yes really THEN. . it should be finished!