Monthly Archives: July 2008

Last bits . . . and we are DONE!

Tiling all finished now! As with everythiing else. . .it took longer than expected. But the guy did a great job for us and it looks great.

Only outstanding bits now are the plinths and a little bit of skirting board. Once done – couple of minor addons ie towel holder, key holder type thing. . . then just to keep it clean 🙂

I cannot WAIT to say it’s done – then get a couple of photos up.

Oh – and the doors. . . bah . . knew things were going too well! My last attempt didn’t go that great, it looks ok but the door is warped and big gaps on the frame. I suppose for a first effort it wasn’t too bad.


It’s started. . .will they finish!?

Well the kitchen is finally now started! Our electrician is doing a great job in a nightmare position – the wiring in the house is awful. So while he is trying to create a new lighting ring and power ring (for sockets) in the kitchen. . . he is also trying to disconnect the bits not needed. . .and it ISNT easy! That said – he’s doing a great job!

The fitters are in now as well – not going quite as smoothly to be honest. Seem to be doing a fine job – but for example . . .electrician cut a chunk out of the ceiling to do the wiring . . the fitters needed the same space to enable them to do the pipework. But . . because the electrician made the hole – it isn’t their problem! So thankfully our great plasterer will sort this tomorrow.

Just before the fitters went I reminded them that they need to strengthen the wall where the rad will go – lucky I did otherwise we’d have decorated/plastered etc – and THEN they’d have had to cut up the wall! All fun . . honest!


Day 1

So – I’ve been here before. . I know what to expect and I am NOT looking forward to it!

Day 1 is Chest & Back – in short, pull ups and pressups for an hour! So the warm up starts. . .not too bad, but even at the end of this . . .I can feel it.

Now P90X is all about different sets of exercises run twice – then onto the next set. So you do need to balance yourself out rather than just throw yourself at it for the first run through. After my previous experiences I slowed down, while I can push out 20 normal pushups (used to be able to do alot more!) I’d learnt from my first run through that I wouldn’t last 20 mins. My weight probably doesn’t help – it is a lot to lift! So I decided to do the easy style – on knees. Even this was a killer, by the end of the program it was hard just pushing out 5.

I felt quite ashamed in ways – when I was young – press ups was my thing. I could pop out 60 without worrying, now I was struggling doing pressups EASY style. But – I’ve bitten the bullet and I’m overweight, very unfit. . .and need to start somewhere. I am looking forward to the progress when I find I’m actually doing real pressups all the way through. It is a goal I’ve set myself.

So I finish the routine – pretty happy I’ve made it through. I’m sweating like a pig, my chest/arms/shoulders are aching. The cooldown is finished so I colapse for a few mins to recover. Then get my shake – and just stop for 10 mins.

After a shower, do you know what – I felt GOOD! It was a weird feeling. . .I was tired, still weak in places. . but felt more alive than I have for a while. I think they refer to it as an exercise high? So . . Day 1 complete!