Monthly Archives: August 2008

. . and on it goes!

Well – plasterer was due today, he turns up and gets ready. That is until we realise the amount of work left that the electrician needs to do. I did expect him back today to finish off – but – early afternoon and he is still here. Thankfully the plasterer has other jobs he can go and do . . . and is great.

So he’ll be in tomorrow for a couple of days. Then letting it dry – then me decorating (probably on Sunday now) ready for builders to start on Monday.

GOD I WANT THIS DONE!!! Worse than moving house! 🙂


Day 2

Day 1 completed – few aches in the morning, but generally not too bad. I think I slept ok. .

So it is a normal day at work – I fit the workout in when I can get the time . . usually towards the early evening. I’m actually REALLY not looking forward to today – more than yesterday! Today is Pylometrics, a solid calorie burn and 1hr of squats & jumps in different styles. This last exercise I did on my 1st attempt, after 20 mins I couldn’t stand up. . and still had 40 to go! I knew what I was in for. . and wasn’t looking forward to it. It was about now I started to wonder if I should really be doing this. . I’m sure there were other things I could do. . . but I kicked myself and started the program.

So – I press play. . and start. Even just during the warm up I find I have to stop, there is burning in the muscles and there is a forest fire! So right from the start I was struggling with this program. Which in ways . . . is good! Why? It means I have lots of progress to make before I outgrow it so to speak. I am hoping next week when I do this again that I will manage more.

So – 1hr of squats/leaps/jumps, again 20 mins in I’m dying. I am regularly finding I can only do 5-10 reps in each exercise (they are doing 25+), and what is worse. . in each daily routine there is always a woman in a group. . and it is frustrating to be out exercised in this way. So what could be worse?? Well squats/leaps/jumps – and there is a guy in the group with a prosthetic leg!!! A one legged guy is doing this!! But – the way the whole P90X program is built, the encouragement during the routines is excellent. It pushes you – but also encourages you to take breaks when you need etc. It helps build you up.

I finally finish this hour. . and during the cooldown just think OMG why am I doing this. I feel so tired and my legs are like jelly. But a short time later, after my shake and a relax while my heart rate comes anywhere near normal. . .I start to think YEH!!! WHOOOOOO!!!! – Day 2 is complete!