Monthly Archives: September 2008

Plaster THIS Baby!

Well – plasterer is here and getting to work.

You know – he is the ONLY one who bothered to put a sheet between door and kitchen to avoid making a mess. . .kinda says alot really!

He also knows how to make me relax a bit – very much of a . . “no problem I’ll sort etc”. Also someone you can trust on price!

We’ve been taking photos of before/after and I’ll stick them up shortly so . . if you are REALLY bored . . you can see the progress (or lack of).

Though to be fair – once the plastering is done, it will start to look alot better. . .waiting on me to decorate 🙁


Day 3

Day 3 arrives – and my quads are still aching. But not too bad . . so I am going to start my first every day 3!

Well a long day at work – the odd twinge in my legs reminding me I have another routine to do today. . . and before I know it, it’s time to start!

Will I make the full 90 day program? No idea . . but a day at a time for now. I’m really hoping I can see progress after a week, even if it is just that I’m finding the routines slightly easier to do.

Well day 3 is Shoulders & Arms + Ab Ripper. Now I should have done Ab Ripper on Day 1 as well. . . but I was destroyed. I think I have realised after today that I need to do this separately not straight after the main routine. It is just too much. . . but more on this later.

So – today is weights. Now when I used to goto the gym, I did various exercises with dumbells and reached 25Kgs weight. Now this isn’t that high in comparison to many I expect – but was good progress for me. What is REALLY hard to swallow – is that now I am using 6kg weights and struggling. I am going for higher reps (12-15) in most cases to be LEAN not BIG. But I did find that I will need to lower this to approx 2.5Kg if I am going to maintain my goals in reps. I thought I was stronger than this.

So the program starts with a gentle warm up – again I’ll say the warm up/cooldowns seem to be just right in these routines. Specifically targetting the muscles you are about to exercise. So warm up done and the various curls/shoulder presses etc commence. Now in most exercises I could do a minimum of 8 reps each time (remember you have 3 exercises you do, then REDO them straight after). But one that I failed at miserably was the chair dips. Wrong type of chair, wrong style. . have no idea, but I couldn’t do more than 1 or 2 each time. I didn’t seem to even be able to lower myself and get back up properly. Now this may be just because I’ve got alot of weight and weaker muscles. . or wrong technique. I’m hoping over the next couple of weeks there will be a difference.

As said earlier – I am finding I will need to drop my weights down a bit, but – I think there is light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

A long and tiring routine later, but I’m happy as I know I pushed . . but didn’t hurt myself. Well – I say that – but I did pull my quads a bit. After the beating they took yesterday, they were still a bit tender. One exercise (I think I did it wrong anyway) was in a squat position doing arm curls. Obviously sat in a squat position kinda killed my quads again. I found this the most painful ache after the exercise! But – after a couple of lots of deep heat – it seems alot better.

So – Ab Ripper X!! This is a 20 min routine purely focusing . . on . . go on guess it. . . ABS! Now situps have ALWAYS been my weakest area, even when I was fit. Making this worse – was I was knackered from the routine I’d just done. Hence my comment above about NOT doing it right afterwards in future. Anyway – first exercise was effectively a full situp straight legged. . no support. Guess how far I got 🙁 This really put me off and I was close to just switching off at this point, but I forced myself to continue. I do have a sit up support bar I may try and used for next time . . to at least get a few out.

But 20 mins of this – a VERY poor showing. . put a bit of a downer on day 3. But still day 4 tomorrow and I’m now further in the program than I’ve been before!!!