Monthly Archives: October 2008

Quiet . . .SO so quiet. .

Ahh the sound of. . . just me working. What a relief that is! Having people in working on the kitchen everyday is in many ways horrible. Banging, crashing – doors slamming. . .just gets to you after a bit.

Currently the plasterer is handling some personal business – hoping to be here this afternoon.

We had a chat yesterday – now remember, builders coming in Monday. So I need to decorate between now and then (once plaster has dried). However – he said he can finish by . . . Tuesday! So then I have to wait for it to dry. . then paint . . then get builders in. Which kinda buggers things up BIG time.

Anyway – we hope he can finish one half of the kitchen by Friday – so that I can paint it by Monday. This leaves the builders one half of the kitchen to work on while the plasterer does the other half. I’m hoping that will be the easier half to do as well!

Then . . if he can finish Monday (hopefully) I can paint Tues evening . . .but got a feeling dates are going to slip.

There is some good news though – tiler for the floor came in quite a good price and is flexible. Reckon a week on Saturday we should have a new kitchen!!!!


Day 4

Well today turned out to be a bit of a disaster. Work had been pretty hectic . . so I didn’t get to start when I had wanted to, but I got changed went down ready to GO FOR IT!

Today was Yoga – now I’ve never done it, know about it . . or seen it. I’ve only heard you fart lots during it!? So I start it up. . and off we go. . . but I couldn’t really. It was clear at the time you cannot do Yoga while looking at a tv screen, you need to KNOW what you are doing in each move (or at least have a good idea) otherwise when you are head down in a position and he says warrior 2 – you don’t have a clue.

So after about 15 mins (and I’d broken a sweat) I called a day to it and stopped it. My plan is to watch it separately once or twice and see how it goes the next time I try. . .

Just means I have to work extra hard tomorrow!!