Monthly Archives: December 2008

Day 6

Well this was another bit of struggle – but mainly due to lack of time. With friends coming round early evening and the hassle of trying to get fitted for a wedding suit. . . it meant finding the hour wasn’t easy.

But – I finally did, totally unprepared for it, but found the hour I needed and started KEMPO! HIIII YA!

Kempo is more like “boxercise” ie kicks/punches etc. It is also a good cardio/calorie burning session. While it was hard at first getting the moves right . . . and doing things that your body wasn’t used to, I did find myself in a deep sweat after about 20 mins that carried all the way through. One thing is clear though – I need more agility which should come over the next few weeks.

Another good point about this – was the “tip of the day” (which all routines have). The tip is not to force the moves and “flick” your arms out but to make sure it is controlled so you don’t stress the joints/muscles. Something my missus needs to learn doing her turbo jam where she is flicking out then complaining of back twitches etc!

Anyway – 1hr done, protein shake drank – and starting to recover ready for a long night! Again – I feel good once I’ve recovered. . just wish I could enjoy the actual exercising!