Monthly Archives: December 2009

A Long Long Time Ago . . . .

. . .I was going to post more! But didn’t 🙂

Oh well eh!

Anyway – whats new? Wine making is going well – actually got 15 gallons on the go as we speak (about 80 bottles worth). Got all the bits I need to start “mass” producing it so intend to get a nice stock up. Using proper kits for this – so the wine is generally a better quality. Basically it is the equiv to the £5-7 bottles you’ll buy in the shops.

I’ve tried the Red wine kits – but not happy with those yet. I’ve got a couple of bottles I’ve left to mature for a few months and I’ll see if it is just the case it needs maturing.

Diet . . . .yup DIET! I’m losing weight. I actually weighed myself today and I’m the lightest I’ve been for a while – so quite happy with myself :).

Other than that – not much going on. Work is HELL – I swear even the devil wouldn’t want my job (but think he takes over some of my bosses from time to time!). Would love to change jobs – but in this climate. . . .probably not worth the risk.

Well I’ll think about more updates. Perhaps even finishing those stories I keep looking at . . . maybe – have to delve into Visual Basic a bit more as well. . .oh the joy!