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Kef Kube Not Powering On

Well – bit of a weird thing to post on my blog, but wanted to share this as I’ve had this happen twice. I’ve the 2005.3 KEF Speaker set, overall it is excellent and I’m more than happy with it. However – just when it was coming upto 12 months old, the sub stopped working. No power light, nothing. Thankfully Richer Sounds did a great swap out for me and I had a nice new shiney amp 🙂

But again a couple of days ago, I noticed the sub had stopped working again. But this time I’m out of the 12 month instant swap out and that would mean sending it off. So I did some digging. There is a small fuse next to the power connection on the sub, taking it out and testing showed the fuse was blown.

Shouldn’t be a problem. . just replace it! However the fuse has a ref number of F4H. . . when searching on google, nothing (or very little). I couldn’t find anywhere to buy it. The good news is one of the links did have someone with the same problem who found a suitable replacement which is available in packs of 10 from Maplins. They cost £1.99 so it’s 19p to get your sub back up and running 🙂

The code at Maplin is GJ95D, so F4H = GJ95D. The fuse with the sub is a ceramic 4A quick blowing fuse. The replacement is a 4A glass quick blowing fuse.

So – something useful to share rather than the normal waffle 🙂