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I’ve started. . will I finish!

Well with the baby on the way I’m determined to try and lose a bit of weight and get a bit fitter. I keep on talking about it and a while back I tried the P90X. Well since then my weight has increased and my will to do anything about has decreased. But today I’ve started a new workout regime and we’ll see how it goes.

Its on the Xbox and its EA Sports Active 2. I’ll be honest and say I don’t particularly like it, it isn’t very good at recognition with some horrible bugs. It also seems to assume we all live in a mansion, not just the 6ft (+++!) for the kinect but also space behind that 6ft for you to do a full outstretched press up! But I paid good money for it so intend to use it. I’ve also now got the jaccuzzi all warmed up – which will be my treat after each work out 🙂

I’m also going to be playing squash a couple of times a week. I don’t like that I have to do this workout 4 times a week + squash, but just have to work through it.

So – day 1 today, good sweat on from it and it reckons a whole 160 calories burned! Hmmmm I’ve having a kebab tonight so bang goes the good there! 🙂

Well day off tomorrow then Thurs/Fri to go. I’ll keep you updated! 🙂


Why do we work?

I have only ever met a few people in my life who actually enjoy their job. I know that currently I completely and utterly HATE mine. The stress I go through is totally unacceptable, its certainly not healthy either.

So why go through it? To be honest I try to live to the view I work to live, not live to work. We have a nice house, two dogs, we don’t struggle for money. So we can’t complain.

But when you find you start working 12 hours a day every day, that you can’t sleep that well anymore and just feel down. . . well when does it become too much?

I always wondered what would be my dream job, or a job I’d wake up in the morning and go YES I’m happy to be going to work today. But for now the only path I see is earning money, not enjoying a job but at least having the surroundings that I try to make it all worthwhile is.

Where is the lucky lottery ticket when you need it eh!

Nearly March . . ALREADY!

Well I’m stunned how the year is already flying by – another week and we’ll be in March.

It has been a busy few months for us though – new boiler is now fitted, and is great to be honest. It is so nice to actually have the house warm and cosy. Hot water at high pressure all ready and waiting etc 🙂

We’ve also just had our double glazing replaced – still waiting for some finishing bits to be sorted (ie front door frame is bowed and patio door handles are uneven). Fingers crossed that all gets sorted smoothly – on one hand the company was great. . . on the other some problems I’d rather have not had (including them KNOWING there was a problem with the front door but telling me it needed to “settle”).

Unfortunately that kinda really pisses me off.

Not long now until camping time either – hoping we can sort out the problems with Buzz being defensive when people walk by. While I’m sure he wouldn’t actually bite anyone, there are times when you have that instant panic when he jumps up. Might even look at muzzling them until they are both better to be honest.

So – 2 months just about gone and 10 more until xmas!


New Year – New What . . . ?

Well New Year has been and gone. . . not my best ever to be honest. But unfortunately things happen in life and this year I’m not going to let them get me down (or at least not for long!). Lifes too short these days. . . too many surprises around.

So – whats in store!?

Job – hate it, I mean REALLY hate it. I think my role should be renamed “Shit Shoveler” as it is all I seems to be all I do, or it could be “Beating Wall” – that is the other half of my job. Getting all the crap for others not doing there job. Oh well. I’d love to change it – but it isn’t practical. But I do intend to get some qualifications in place and start looking at my options. At least with those I’ll be in a better place.

Health – well, I’ve decided I do drink too much and I’m too fat 🙂 Drinking is my one only real vice left, but I’ve decided to cut down (only a bit) but enough to make me feel more comfortable about it. But weight (tied in to drink) is the key one. So bit more exercise, better eating habits and hopefully I’ll start to drop off some weight. If not – then it gets drastic.

Social – all a mixed bag now for me. Don’t know where things are going to end up – but I’m going to plod through. Lifes too short 🙂 I want to get back into cooking some meals – I enjoy the cooking lark and the nights were pretty good fun. Not sure about parties now … but we’ll see. Hopefully get the wife out more often which would be nice! Other than that. . camping 🙂 Going to do alot of that this year – really enjoyed it the few times we’ve been. The new tent is great (even though pain to take down), we’ve got most of the utils we want – but may look at getting a few bits in the there. Including the full fold back lounger style chair the wifey wants. Overall the dogs are getting better – so that will help as well. Shame the farm we went to last year might not be able to do camping . . was great for the basic weekend away!

Other than that – I’m hoping to get a family on the go, we’ve been trying (ish) but think we need a little push. Finally . . money. . god we love spending it! But now need to save it. . .specially if little April happens!

So – a new year. 2 weeks in . . . and starting to look up. Hope its a good year – we need one!


Pet Woes

Been an ever increasing expense with the pets recently. Another visit to the vets for Buzz – our big white GSD.  The wife took him for a nice run on the bike – best intentions. However he came back with his pads worn down and bloody 🙁

Good news is he’s going to be fine, he’s got some dressing and bandages on that make him look like a boxer! But just waiting for them to heal up properly.

Bandit is doing fine. Getting much better an asking to go out – although this usually just is a little whimper or cry. But my doggy interpretation skills are improving!!!




Day 5 & 6

Well – unfortunately I’ve come down with a bug, good ole winter flu/cold in summer. Which makes looking after a pup all day even more. . . interesting.

Anyway – no new photo’s or vids today. But routine is setting in – wake up, let him out with Buzz and off they go to do the “business”. Then it’s play time! Sorted this out as well to make it fair – we get Buzz to lie down, and then the pouncing starts. They are doing really well – Buzz occasionaly gets carried away and finds it fun to pin Bandit down with his paw. . .or pounces after him himself. Usually just results in a quick cry from Bandit – then the fun starts again!

Buzz gets snipped tomorrow – which will quieten things down. Will take about 10 days before playtime resumes.


Puppy Day!

Yup – today is the day we pick him up. Going to be a long morning (due to work as much as anything else)then I’m sure a very very sleepless weekend! Fingers crossed we can settle him down quickly though. He’s going to be the first one that goes. . .so it will be a big shock to him. Heartbreaking in many ways. . . feel so guilty taking him away from his mum/brothers/sisters. But he’ll have Buzz to keep him company 🙂

We’ve also decided to make sure we take LOTS of photos and vids this time round 🙂 So expect some updates on here 🙂


Worming at 6 weeks

Well – not long to go now – 4 days and we pick him up!!! Sure after a few days I’ll be banging my head against the wall as we find the shoes destroyed, wires in half and a whining pup :yes: :crazy: But to be honest – we can’t wait!

Anyway – the website of the owners has been udpated with a vid of them worming the pups – not really like OOOH WOW. . . but snipped out the bit with “Karbon” which will be our pup 🙂


Enjoy the squeals – not sure how much is him and how much is the others!



Yes plural!

Thankfully we are only getting one – as having 2 puppy GSD’s + a fully grown would be a little too much.

For a while we’ve been wanting to get a new puppy to keep our existing pure white company. We’ve always had two dogs, but after losing one suddenly a while back, we needed to wait for the pup (at the time) to grow up a bit. Well that has finally happened and he is 3 in October. Now. . . with a pure white pup, the wife wanted a pure black to go with him. But finding one was a nightmare! After a while of looking we finally found this litter and registered an interest. Well following the website day by day was great – some excellent updates!

However – as time moved on, we had a call. . . they offered us a pup but unfortunately only had a bitch available. Personally I’ve always had male dogs and tbh – wanted the same again. A bitch with our current dog would be a little bit of a nightmare!

Anyway – we kinda sniffed and said thanks. . .and sulked a while!

So we carried on looking and agreed that because pure blacks were so few and far between, we’d look at the normal black and golds. We found a litter not too far away. . . and went to visit. They had one dog left, and he was SO cute . . .

So deposit paid and home we went happy that Buzz would get a baby brother at last.

It was on the Sunday night – things changed. We had a call from the first breeder, who said that they now had a dog available due to some changes in circumstances. . .were we interested! Well, as above – wifey was set on a black one and inside so was I. But – we’d paid a deposit and I hate letting people down. So we umm’d and rrrrr’d and decided we’d go and visit on the Monday – 2hr drive each way!

We arrived and got shown to the pups, they were unfortunately all sleepy. . . so Karbon wasn’t too happy being pulled up and fussed. He was lovely and perfect 🙂

So deposit paid – and back home we came.

We are waiting to see if we can get lucky and get our other deposit back. . . fingers crossed as it is quite alot of money. But puppy bits all bought, and now just have to wait 2 weeks and pick him up 🙂

Now the naming to go through! I want to call him “Tigger” but so far . . . looks like I’m being over ruled!

Anyway – I’ll update more and more as puppy grows and arrives. . .


One Year On . . . .

Well – yesterday was our 1st anniversary. . . already! To be honest, time has flown by so fast it is scary – but they say time flies when you’re having fun.

Amazing to think that 1 year ago – I had one of the best days of my life, and a year later. . . it still feels good.

Quite a quiet day in the end (wife could NOT decide what she wanted to do) – but we did visit the place where we had our reception. Nice walk around there and a few memories as well. To think that this time last year we were on our way to Mexico is what really sucks!! 🙂

Well – 1 year down . . .many more to go – if she’s lucky of course! :)).