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Nutri Ninja Blender with Auto IQ Review

So are these blender/smoothie things just a fad? Is it really healthy? Are they any good? Does the IQ do anything? These are all good questions, and the same ones I had when I contemplated buying one of these. I did some research, tried to find some reviews – but there was little out there that gave me an honest opinion. I was about to spend £95 – as an attempt to get more healthy stuff into me, reviews generally positive so I went for it!

Nutri Ninja Blender with Auto IQ Review


So, firstly some background. I’m overweight and generally eat once a day (not a great lifestyle) so I wanted to get something to have as a breakfast, and after my research a smoothie seemed like a good way forward, incorporating lots of fruit/veg into something I can just gulp down.

The purchase of the Nutri Ninja Blender with Auto IQ was triggered by it being on offer! If it hadn’t have been I’d probably have not thought too much about getting a blender. I did some searches for reviews, mostly positive – some awful and overall just link after link saying how GREAT these were but not really saying why.

So it was boxed well, and unpacking gave you the base (main blender), two cups, one blending attachment and two lids. The cups are different sizes – for now I’ve only used the large one. But the intent is, put in the ingredients, blend, unscrew the blade attachment and screw on a lid and go. Personally I pour it into a pint glass.

The first smoothie I tried, made me wonder if I’d made a mistake. It wasn’t a great flavour, and I kinda forced it down. But that’s not the fault of the blender . . just the recipe I’d followed. I read up some more, and generally – MAKE YOUR OWN! Lots out there promising detox, losing weight and other wonderful statements. But for me I just wanted some healthy stuff, some of my 5 a day in a drink I could gulp down.

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