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How to Add BP and ECG to Non Samsung Phones

September last year was a happy time, a time when I bought a new smart watch which was going to bring great benefits. Able to monitor my Blood Pressure easily and keep an accurate record, the ECG function – that you didn’t know you needed until it was there! Throw into the mix all of the other fun things with the new Galaxy Watch 3.

Then the woe started – the features I really wanted, and key reasons to buy the watch. . . weren’t available in the UK. They had to go through certification. Disappointed . . yes, end of the world. . no . . it will come in time.

The months roll on until January 2021! Formally announced – Blood Pressure and ECG will be coming to the UK! We cheered and held parties on the street (ok perhaps not).

The update came through Feb 22nd, it was applied. . . and immediately in I went. However – what Samsung DIDN’T tell you . . is that this won’t be available on all phones (as per the initial adverts) – but ONLY on Samsung phones!

Overall – NOT impressed, lots of noise on the forums/twitter, but clear that Samsung do NOT care. However – some clever people (and I take NO credit in the links below but keen to save people the hassle of the searches to get to this point) have provided a way to get both BP and ECG on your phone and watch.

It’s not hard, but is a bit of faff – but this youtube vid clearly explains all you need to do, with all the links to go with it. Separately – there are the XDA Forums where it’s also described there. Kudos to those that provided these “fixes”

You Tube Link

For me – the youtube vid was easiest, the ECG app installed easily – but I had to do the advanced method for the Blood Pressure app. All easily explained with easy to follow instructions. I’m now a semi happy Samsung customer thanks to some other clever people out there doing what Samsung should provide regardless! Hope this helps others!