Eve Mattress Review

“The world’s most comfortable mattress at a surprisingly fair price.”

A pretty bold statement to make, but if you read the reviews. . . they are all raving about how great it is. We purchased this to replace an existing Silent Night mattress – memory foam, very comfortable, but after just 6 months it was sagging in the areas you lie. So after reading reviews, taking note of the 100 day trial, we took the plunge. Bear in mind this was nearly triple the price of the mattress it was replacing. But when you spend so much time in bed, having a good nights sleep is worth it.

Purchasing wasn’t easy on the website site, I couldn’t apply discount codes and ended up having to use a different browser on a different PC to finally be able to buy it (Perhaps that was my warning right there?!).

Delivery was quick and it arrived in a nice box weighing in at 30+Kgs. It’s just about a one man lift up the stairs if you’re determined!

So I’d ordered a Super King Size, the box states “Super King Size”. I wrestle it out of the box, put it on the bed . . .and noticed it was short on width. But as these are vacuum packed I’d assumed it would expand out. Unfortunately it was a normal King Size in the wrong box, so short on both edges.

After a few hours it had fully expanded. You get the chemical smell – but just bear with it as it does fade and ANY mattress with the memory foam/foam insides will have it.

So wrong size, but it’s up. I called up Eve and sent through photo’s. To be fair the customer service was excellent. A collection arranged and new delivery sorted. However it was on a Friday so wouldn’t be until the next week.

We decided to use it for the few days before the new one arrived. Unfortunately this is where we realised it wasn’t for us. The mattress is extremely firm, we’re on the larger side (I’m 16 stone), but there was very little sinking into the mattress. It felt like I was just sleeping on something solid and very uncomfortable. Even after a few nights, I still couldn’t get a decent nights sleep on it. I would certainly rate this as very firm, which is exactly what some people want, but not what I’d expected. The mattress is well built, the smell does go and overall – if we’d been happy with the firmness we’d have probably kept it.

After speaking again to Eve, we cancelled the replacement mattress and have arranged to get this collected and a full refund given. Again, absolutely no issues with the customer service. If anything it was outstanding.

Discounts! Bear this in mind! When purchasing it was clear that there was a £50 discount code available (and I believe you’ll always find one). But just today checking back to get some details for this review (the mattress hasn’t been picked up yet). . . I get offered a £100 discount! So if you’re ordering one, I’d call and push for the £100 discount regardless of codes or hang around until one pops up. Again – it seems to be a regular discount they offer.

Conclusion – if you like a firm mattress, I’d honestly suggest you try this out. The 100 day trial and tested customer service should make you feel you’re not risking anything. If you like a medium or softer, steer well clear. I did even contemplate getting a memory foam topper to put on top of the Eve mattress. That may well have been the best option – but a bit silly overall.

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