“I am a cider drinker . . . .”

Well my plum wine is still bubbling away – I measured the gravity of it at the beginning of the week (1050) and that basically means 2 things. It must have been VERY sweet when I started. . . and has a long long way to go! By the instructions – another week and I should start to add the other bits. Thankfully, after reading up I know that I need to let it ferment down a LOT lower than it is (somewhere just below 1.000 if possible).

So – after scouring forums and learning – I’ve found you can make “Turbo Cider” using apple juice from supermarkets.

Simply – put in 3 litres of apple juice into a demi john, add yeast, leave for 36 hours, add in another 1.5ltrs and let it “ferment out” then bottle. Put in half a tsp of sugar per half pint or something to make it fizzy.

Well – I wasn’t sure what sort of apple juice – so we got the pure non concentrate stuff. Which is a shame because it is cloudy and – well it isn’t going to be that turbo . . it kinda goes a little slow 🙂 Lessons learned there. Next batch will be done with cheapy tesco value “made from concentrate” stuff.

Will keep you updated!


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