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Yes – hands up . . .it’s me 🙁

I promised more updates…then didn’t – I’m such a tease!

So – few quick updates on the wine front.

The new wines I made were alot stronger (more body) – nice . . . but the one with grape concentrate was a little too much and could have done being softend a bit. Of course – it didn’t stop me drinking it all :). The other one (with sultanas in) was actually quite pleasant – but to be fair. . .think I’m getting a little lazy with it and need to focus again.

The cider is turning out quite well now – when I finally do leave it when bottled. It does come out fizzy’ish. . . not bubbly but you can taste the sparkle in it 🙂 Also – splash of ribena in it when serving makes it quite yummy to guzzle down.

Currently got 1 gallon of another wine (white grape juice/raspberry & cranberry/apple). A week ago it tasted really nice – sweet and sparkling. I was tempted to actually halt it there – and may well do another and do that.

I also made a proper kit red wine – but to be honest. . wasn’t that impressed with it. It tasted very very fruity – which is a weird thing to say perhaps. I think it just smelt/tasted too much like the start of it. I hoped it would dry out more. Also – I screwed up degassing it 🙁 Did as per the instructions and bottled. But first bottle was actually . . well not fizzy but you could taste some fizz in it. Kinda ruins a red wine 🙁 But degassed the last bottles and will try a different one.

Next steps for me – get a decent white wine kit/rose kit/another red kit, to find one that I’m happy with. Then start on the 5 gallon kits. Getting close to xmas as well.

Hoping we can get some space in the spare room soon (anyone want to buy a dbl bed + nice wardrobe). Once I get that – my brewery starts in earnest!




Well – what can I say . . . the 2 gallons of white. . .was YUMMY! Alas is now all gone as well!

Only downside was it being a bit light – but after a bottle of that . . .then a glass of Hardys. . .well I was sure the Hardys was off! (it wasn’t) but the difference in flavour was massive. Hardys was very strong/harsh where as my homemade stuff was light n soft.

So – got two more gallons of white on the go (slightly different to give it more body) + 1 gallon of Rose I will be bottling tomorrow. Also started 2 gallons of Turbo Cider (with added honey) and a kit of decent red wine 🙂



P90X – Why?

Decided to keep a short blog of my P90X program. . . so if it works you can see what I went through. . if it doesn’t I can keep reading and kick myself.

I’m getting married in 3 months, I’ve a gut and want to get fitter and lose the weight. Currently at the start of this I weigh 16st10 (my highest ever!). Now – I won’t be doing the special diet, I enjoy the bits I eat when I eat. However I am taking a protein shake after each session + creatine before. No idea if that will make a major difference. . . but only one way to find out!

I’ve got some before photo’s taken – but no way I’m sharing those until there is something good to compare to! Hopefully if I can make the first 30 days (meant to be the hardest) then I will have something to show then.

This will be my 2nd attempt at starting, I did try just before xmas. The P90X program comes with a test – to see if you are ready for it. . . the X stands for Xtreme. . .and they mean it! I did the test – and sort of got through it. . in reality I struggled. But decided I would go ahead anyway. Now – with me . . I go for it . . don’t know moderation, and push myself.

Day 1 – was hard very hard – really pushed, Day 2 – nightmare day . . could hardly walk while doing the exercises near the end. Day 3 – found I was in absolute agony in my shoulders with a pain that moved through EVERY muscle group in the top half of my body over the next 2 days. That is when I stopped to recover.

This time round – I am taking it ALOT easier. I will push myself . . but not stupidly. I’m hoping this means I can keep going without any silly injuries and complete the course.

So. . . wish me luck! Day 1 is tomorrow!