Monthly Archives: March 2009

. . and the days go on . . and on :)

Well hasn’t been too much to update on really. Buzz’s op went well. . although we did take him back the next day to get him checked over. Unfortunately he wasn’t drinking at all (eating fine) – but he’d been without water for a couple of days. Thankfully – all sorted now and he’s back to his normal self.

We’ve obviously had to restrict some of the play fights – need to make sure Buzz doesn’t rip out his stitches. But few more days and we can relax a bit.

Few photos for you :)Bandit’s ear is nearly up! It flops up from time to time – but reckon in the next few days he’ll have an ear up!

Today he goes for his injections – vet seemed to think he needed both again not just a booster. . . not convinced. . . but who are we to argue. . we won’t get a certificate if we don’t get him done again. Yet more money spent 🙁

I expect the vets will fall in love with him (as they do with Buzz) – but it’s nice to see that 🙂