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The fun I had doing P90X!

Day 8

WHOOT! Made it. . and done it 🙂 One goal down . . .wasn’t sure if I’d manage to make the next step and start this week.

I even did this right today!! I did Abs X earlier in the day. . and WOW do I have a long way to go. But at least I’ve done it. Also today was the Chest and Back again – the one I hate. . .pull ups and push ups. . .all the way through. Well again – I’m happy. I’m still doing the easy push ups and using my legs probably too much on the pull ups, but I improved in nearly every area. I was doing more reps and felt much better with the right form as well. So it is GREAT to see things improving after one week, although I do think it is going to be a week or two before I can see me doing full push ups for most or all of it . . and no idea about pull ups. To be honest the door bar is starting to be limiting (not enough space) but I do believe I’ll still make an improvement regardless.

Anyway – I’m into the second week. . .it is now just to keep it going!!


Day 5 & 6

Well – unfortunately I’ve come down with a bug, good ole winter flu/cold in summer. Which makes looking after a pup all day even more. . . interesting.

Anyway – no new photo’s or vids today. But routine is setting in – wake up, let him out with Buzz and off they go to do the “business”. Then it’s play time! Sorted this out as well to make it fair – we get Buzz to lie down, and then the pouncing starts. They are doing really well – Buzz occasionaly gets carried away and finds it fun to pin Bandit down with his paw. . .or pounces after him himself. Usually just results in a quick cry from Bandit – then the fun starts again!

Buzz gets snipped tomorrow – which will quieten things down. Will take about 10 days before playtime resumes.


Day 9

Well today was a long day with work/sorting out kitchen design & then taking the dog to the vets. So by the time I got round to be able to do my Pylometrics – it was alot later than I wanted. Again I was so much in the “really can’t be arsed” mood, this is where you try to find a reason why you can’t do it. But I pushed again and said. . DO IT!!!

So I load up the “this routine is the one that puts the X in P90X” – it is hell on earth . . . there is a cardio routine which is lower level. . but no point aiming low now! 🙂

One of the things that kept me going through this – is the feeling that I am actually losing fat. My weight has dropped slightly and I’ll be happier when it drops to below 16st and remains there. But I don’t feel so . . . fat. Whether this is the case or not. . .I don’t know. But time will tell.

Todays workout was a tough one to be honest. I’m pretty sure I did more than last week – but my problem is the inside of my foot on the curved bit. GOD that hurt while exercising. I currently do it bare foot (to save the carpet) – but did try my trainers which made it worse. Going to need to look into that more. . it’s always a problem I’ve had.

Towards the end of this workout – I was dying. . . but kept pushing as best I could until the end.

Now – recovered mainly . . . I don’t have the buzz I had last week – but I do know that tomorrow. . is dbl figures 🙂 Really just trying to push through these first few weeks – and even though it will still be hard work, it should be “easier” than I’m finding it now.


Day 10

. . .is that double figures. . OH YES IT IS!! 🙂 Day 10 complete. I didn’t manage to find the time to do the abs, work is manic and I’m off on travels Thurs/Fri – not sure what impact this will have. But again, another late start. . finally got started. Today is Arms & Shoulders – primarily with weights. Now I’m still on quite a low weight. . .but still not going to hurt myself – that said, I feel the burn!!

I was actually happy by the end of the routine – some exercises (tri pushups) I failed at first time around. This time rather than 1 or 2 – I squeezed out 7! So big improvement. I did improve in some others – and I think overall did improve. This time I knew the exercises and did them properly. . before . . it was a bit rushed 🙂

So tomorrow is Yoga – I’ll be in a hotel . .not sure how well this will work. But intend to try. Friday – I’m back after a long travel. . so not sure if I’ll manage the routine. May just mean I do Friday on Saturday . . and Saturday on Sunday 🙂

But – double figures. . I’m happy . . only 80 days to go!!!!


Day 11

Well – I had a scheduled trip to Ireland for a couple of days, and I knew this was going to affect my program.

However – I thought hmmm I could at LEAST do my Abs x working on the Thursday, even more . . it was only Yoga – I could do that in the hotel room.

Anyway – things didn’t work out. . very long day (04:30 – 20:45) and then I’d finished working. So something to eat. . .and bang I was ready to sleep.

Bit disappointed – but then it was Yoga . . which I am not too worried about.


Day 12

. . . another long day at work, then flying back from Dublin.

So would it happen today??? Unfortunately not – 2 days missed and I’m pretty pissed off about it too. By the time I got home – I had time to shower, change and then out for my normal Friday night.

Tonight was meant to be Legs/Back – an important one. So I made a decision – tomorrow I will do the legs/back and push the Kempo onto Sunday (my day of rest!). This means all I will have missed is some abs X and Yoga – not the best situation, but gets me back on track.

Some good news – friends I go out with on Friday actually said it looks like I’m losing weight 🙂 My face was “thinner” and my shoulders looked better (ie less fat more defined). Have to say this made me feel really good :).

So hopefully Saturday I can kick myself back into the routine and go for it!

Next week is the REAL problem though – the joys of Copenhagen with work for Mon/Tue/Wed/Thurs. I know I won’t be able to do some of the routine at all. So hoping the hotel has a Gym – in which case will go down and just do a good workout based on the P90X routine I should be doing.


Day 13

Grrrrr – well yesterday didn’t happen, pure apathy on my part. But after a long week I had no “get up and go” to do the routine. Just wanted to unwind.

I fully intend to do my Kempo tomorrow though – so hoping I can kick back into it.

Also – decided I’m going to take a look for some bands, at least this way I can try to get back into things during next week while I’m away again.


Day 14

WHOOT – did it. . . was so so hard to do it. . .everything inside saying, just leave it. But again – will power n kick up the ass.

Decided to do the Kempo routine as I’m reasonably happy with muscle workouts – and it is the calories I want to burn. Definately think I am doing better as it goes on – though need to stretch out the groin as side kicks/back kicks are rubbish at the moment.

Also decided I definately need a heart rate monitor – as it is a calorie burner, I need to make sure I’m “in the zone” for max burning. Currently . . I haven’t got a clue!

Went looking for bands today as well – but couldn’t find any suitable ones. I’m hoping the hotel I will be staying in has a gym. What I intend to do is just do the routine in the gym so to speak . . so at least I’m doing something.

Apart from a semi poor week this week – I can’t believe I’m starting week 3 tomorrow! I’ve also decided to work through my rest week to make up for the lack of other things. Key area’s I need to work on are abs (only done twice), Yoga (only tried once and didn’t finish). Rest is coming together nicely.

I’ve not done the diet. . so still eating/drinking as I always have – but today I decided to grab some “meal” shakes – slimfast for now. I don’t eat regularly – so hoping this will help.


Day 15

Well – think this week is doomed to failure.

Now I’m in Copenhagen – I wasn’t able to get the bands I wanted. . . which is going to make things hard.

Last night after travelling all afternoon – I tried to get my workout done. I did pop down to the gym, but didn’t really feel comfortable there, so back up to my room to start my workout. Obviously I couldn’t do the weights exercises or the pullups. So spent about 30 mins trying to do the push ups. I also went through about half of the Abs X routine before giving up. . .tired and fed up.

The room is tiny – so no way I can do the pylometrics tonight. Not quite sure what I will do at the moment. . . looks like my week of rest (next week) won’t be happening.

One thing that is positive I did do last night – was real press ups for all but the diamond. So step in the right direction. I also popped out a few more than normal on the decline – but expect this is more because I didn’t do pull ups than I’m getting uber strong 🙂


Day 16

Perhaps I should start counting backwards to actually only include days I am able to do things.

I know tonight – nothing will happen. A long day at work and then work in the evening to play catch up.

Really am disappointed – hope it doesn’t actually set me back, but there is a limit to what you can actually do. Work is especially hectic at the moment as well. I have decided to void my “week 4 – relax” week to just continue with the program full speed. If I need the rest week after that – I can take it then.

I really need to see some “weight” results by then though – as it will be suit fitting time in early Feb and I am determined to drop the waist size down. I can see some fat loss on the shoulders/face – but nothing from the big gut! But when I’m back home I will be starting a diet of sorts . . . so hopefully I can get rid of half a stone before the measuring. It is my waist I need the weight to go from.

I’m not worried how HEAVY I am – so perhaps I should call it fat loss 🙂 Quite happy being 16 stone of muscle n lovin!!! Just not 13 stone of muscle n loving n 3 stone sitting around my gut! Currently SQUEEZE into a 38 pair of trousers. . .I want to get comfortable in a 36!

Oh well – in ways it is good because I am kicking myself that I can’t do my program out here, I hate the delay in it. . . .but in others . . good that I AM kicking myself as it means I should be able to keep the enthusiam going to start again when I get back. I may have a go at doing Abs X tomorrow – and throw in the pressups from Chest/Back to give me something to sweat over. . . at least that way I’m not doing . . .nothing.