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The fun I had doing P90X!

Day 13

Grrrrr – well yesterday didn’t happen, pure apathy on my part. But after a long week I had no “get up and go” to do the routine. Just wanted to unwind.

I fully intend to do my Kempo tomorrow though – so hoping I can kick back into it.

Also – decided I’m going to take a look for some bands, at least this way I can try to get back into things during next week while I’m away again.


Day 14

WHOOT – did it. . . was so so hard to do it. . .everything inside saying, just leave it. But again – will power n kick up the ass.

Decided to do the Kempo routine as I’m reasonably happy with muscle workouts – and it is the calories I want to burn. Definately think I am doing better as it goes on – though need to stretch out the groin as side kicks/back kicks are rubbish at the moment.

Also decided I definately need a heart rate monitor – as it is a calorie burner, I need to make sure I’m “in the zone” for max burning. Currently . . I haven’t got a clue!

Went looking for bands today as well – but couldn’t find any suitable ones. I’m hoping the hotel I will be staying in has a gym. What I intend to do is just do the routine in the gym so to speak . . so at least I’m doing something.

Apart from a semi poor week this week – I can’t believe I’m starting week 3 tomorrow! I’ve also decided to work through my rest week to make up for the lack of other things. Key area’s I need to work on are abs (only done twice), Yoga (only tried once and didn’t finish). Rest is coming together nicely.

I’ve not done the diet. . so still eating/drinking as I always have – but today I decided to grab some “meal” shakes – slimfast for now. I don’t eat regularly – so hoping this will help.


Day 15

Well – think this week is doomed to failure.

Now I’m in Copenhagen – I wasn’t able to get the bands I wanted. . . which is going to make things hard.

Last night after travelling all afternoon – I tried to get my workout done. I did pop down to the gym, but didn’t really feel comfortable there, so back up to my room to start my workout. Obviously I couldn’t do the weights exercises or the pullups. So spent about 30 mins trying to do the push ups. I also went through about half of the Abs X routine before giving up. . .tired and fed up.

The room is tiny – so no way I can do the pylometrics tonight. Not quite sure what I will do at the moment. . . looks like my week of rest (next week) won’t be happening.

One thing that is positive I did do last night – was real press ups for all but the diamond. So step in the right direction. I also popped out a few more than normal on the decline – but expect this is more because I didn’t do pull ups than I’m getting uber strong 🙂


Day 16

Perhaps I should start counting backwards to actually only include days I am able to do things.

I know tonight – nothing will happen. A long day at work and then work in the evening to play catch up.

Really am disappointed – hope it doesn’t actually set me back, but there is a limit to what you can actually do. Work is especially hectic at the moment as well. I have decided to void my “week 4 – relax” week to just continue with the program full speed. If I need the rest week after that – I can take it then.

I really need to see some “weight” results by then though – as it will be suit fitting time in early Feb and I am determined to drop the waist size down. I can see some fat loss on the shoulders/face – but nothing from the big gut! But when I’m back home I will be starting a diet of sorts . . . so hopefully I can get rid of half a stone before the measuring. It is my waist I need the weight to go from.

I’m not worried how HEAVY I am – so perhaps I should call it fat loss 🙂 Quite happy being 16 stone of muscle n lovin!!! Just not 13 stone of muscle n loving n 3 stone sitting around my gut! Currently SQUEEZE into a 38 pair of trousers. . .I want to get comfortable in a 36!

Oh well – in ways it is good because I am kicking myself that I can’t do my program out here, I hate the delay in it. . . .but in others . . good that I AM kicking myself as it means I should be able to keep the enthusiam going to start again when I get back. I may have a go at doing Abs X tomorrow – and throw in the pressups from Chest/Back to give me something to sweat over. . . at least that way I’m not doing . . .nothing.


Day 17 & 18

As expected – no joy here. . . missed a good few days this week.

I’m sitting here now writing this thinking . . day 19 – Friday – today . . and I REALLY need to do my workout.

As per another post – I’m not taking a rest next week. . if anything going to push myself harder. Still seeing some results (muscle wise) but the gut isn’t going anywhere. .

Well – I’ll push for another week and see how it goes. .


Day 19

Did it!!!

God I so nearly didn’t start it though. . .was very very close to just calling it a day, but forced myself again. I’d love to say I feel good . . but I don’t at all.

Also started the shakes diet – so shake in the morning, then one at lunch. . . then protein shake after the workout. Will see about a meal later (SUBWAY after beer sounds SO good right now :)).

Anyway – had more news that I might have to do more travelling next week. . .so going to look at getting the bands to at least carry on while away.


Day 20

Kempo day again. . not sure if I like this one or not. . just can’t decide 🙂 Anyway . . needed a kick, but no where near as tuff as yesterday. So on it went and on I went.

Actually definately did better and more than the week before. The kicks were more flexible and controlled, the break which is more of a “get your heart rate up again” routine . . I did rather than taking a break. Also – feet felt better, but I am doing most exercises bare foot to see if I can strengthen them (think that might be part of the problem I have).

So – 20 days done . . slurping on my shake. . .waiting for the subway to arrive to munch on 🙂

But – 20 days. . ok few missed, abs hardly done. . . but more interested in bit of muscle build up and fat burning. . so will see how we get on. Expecting to do some more photo’s early next week – still not convinced I’ll see a difference though . .


Day 21

Well not much to say – Sunday was my rest day. . . so I did (although also had a maccy D’s for a hangover cure & chinese in the evening!).

Hopefully this next week – I won’t be hassled too much by work, which may mean I can focus more and as said before. . really start to push myself.

One thing I’m not happy with – is that I’m now the heaviest I’ve been (16st 6). Even though my missus reckons I look thinner (and feel it) which points towards it being muscle mass. . . but it is just a shame as I want to lose weight as well. I’m going to start thinking about a diet + detoxing for the next couple of weeks (before suit fitting) to see if I can just shed some of the weight on my waist.

Oh well – will wait and see. . .


Day 22

Well this week was going to be the rest week, but after missing out so much last week. . .I decided to push through. So it was chest & back. . . OUCH!

I started the workout tired – but had already agreed I was going to push myself harder this week . . .so I started. Again – seeing mostly an improvement on previous weeks. I’m doing more full push ups than half push ups. I’m doing more chin ups (but still using chair as support). Definately feeling stronger as I’m doing these – but still heavy and gut not going!

Diet sort of started – decided not going to do FULL detox, but save it for when I go out on Fridays.

Only real problem now – missus has a stinking cold. Guess what she thinks I need again! Can feel it at the back of my throat so hoping I can just push through it.

Still not doing abs – personally I want to lose the fat than tone it for now. I think that may be a focus area once I’m done tbh.


Day 23

Damn – not a good day today.

Missus has been down with a cold and I can feel it niggling at me. . before the workout I was very tempted not to try. But forced myself to start it.

It was pylometrics – the killer . . . I started it, didn’t think I was doing too bad. My calves were really hurting but I was struggling through. But by about half way through I was just soaking with sweat, HR was v high and I had zero energy to carry on (short of hardly doing anything. So all in all bit disappointed in myself . . whether it is the cold or my apathy.

Can’t wait for all of this to get “easier”!