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The fun I had doing P90X!

Day 22

Well this week was going to be the rest week, but after missing out so much last week. . .I decided to push through. So it was chest & back. . . OUCH!

I started the workout tired – but had already agreed I was going to push myself harder this week . . .so I started. Again – seeing mostly an improvement on previous weeks. I’m doing more full push ups than half push ups. I’m doing more chin ups (but still using chair as support). Definately feeling stronger as I’m doing these – but still heavy and gut not going!

Diet sort of started – decided not going to do FULL detox, but save it for when I go out on Fridays.

Only real problem now – missus has a stinking cold. Guess what she thinks I need again! Can feel it at the back of my throat so hoping I can just push through it.

Still not doing abs – personally I want to lose the fat than tone it for now. I think that may be a focus area once I’m done tbh.


Day 23

Damn – not a good day today.

Missus has been down with a cold and I can feel it niggling at me. . before the workout I was very tempted not to try. But forced myself to start it.

It was pylometrics – the killer . . . I started it, didn’t think I was doing too bad. My calves were really hurting but I was struggling through. But by about half way through I was just soaking with sweat, HR was v high and I had zero energy to carry on (short of hardly doing anything. So all in all bit disappointed in myself . . whether it is the cold or my apathy.

Can’t wait for all of this to get “easier”!


Day 7

. . . and on the 7th day. . he did rest!

Well – I had planned to do the XStretch, but had a small pull in my neck and was generally aching a bit. So I decided I’d just take a break for the day and let my body recover a bit.

The best thing though – 1 WEEK DOWN!!!! I’m really happy I’ve got this far. . . wasn’t sure I’d make it to be honest, so to get one week in for me is a great achievement.

I can’t say I’m feeling uber fit already, or notice any real changes. . . but I am feeling “better” in myself, more energetic. I’ll take some more photo’s tonight (intend to do week on week photo diary), might have a look to compare. . or not. Don’t want to disappoint myself and lose motivation. This has already partly happened as my weight hasn’t really changed. . .yet I’ve been working out 6 out of 7 days! But I’m going to stick with it.

The missus did comment that it doesn’t look as if I’m as bloated as I was. . . so that has GOT to be good news. Of course I pointed out she still looks like a beached whale with the arse of an elephant. . but all’s fair in love and war!

So – tomorrow is Day 8! Nearly into double figures! But it is also the hard one, so I’m hoping I can show an improvement over last week. . .if I can’t. . will be quite a knock back I think. But will just push through.


Day 24

Grr cold I have so bang goes doing a workout today. Felt it coming yesterday. . and now it is here. Not quite the full man flu yet and hoping it won’t be.

Also – now had confirmation I’m going to have to travel more between now and march. . which means the routine is going to suffer big time.

Will still stick at it with daily updates. . but no idea how this will work. Time to order those bands I think!!


Day 8

WHOOT! Made it. . and done it 🙂 One goal down . . .wasn’t sure if I’d manage to make the next step and start this week.

I even did this right today!! I did Abs X earlier in the day. . and WOW do I have a long way to go. But at least I’ve done it. Also today was the Chest and Back again – the one I hate. . .pull ups and push ups. . .all the way through. Well again – I’m happy. I’m still doing the easy push ups and using my legs probably too much on the pull ups, but I improved in nearly every area. I was doing more reps and felt much better with the right form as well. So it is GREAT to see things improving after one week, although I do think it is going to be a week or two before I can see me doing full push ups for most or all of it . . and no idea about pull ups. To be honest the door bar is starting to be limiting (not enough space) but I do believe I’ll still make an improvement regardless.

Anyway – I’m into the second week. . .it is now just to keep it going!!


Day 5 & 6

Well – unfortunately I’ve come down with a bug, good ole winter flu/cold in summer. Which makes looking after a pup all day even more. . . interesting.

Anyway – no new photo’s or vids today. But routine is setting in – wake up, let him out with Buzz and off they go to do the “business”. Then it’s play time! Sorted this out as well to make it fair – we get Buzz to lie down, and then the pouncing starts. They are doing really well – Buzz occasionaly gets carried away and finds it fun to pin Bandit down with his paw. . .or pounces after him himself. Usually just results in a quick cry from Bandit – then the fun starts again!

Buzz gets snipped tomorrow – which will quieten things down. Will take about 10 days before playtime resumes.


Day 9

Well today was a long day with work/sorting out kitchen design & then taking the dog to the vets. So by the time I got round to be able to do my Pylometrics – it was alot later than I wanted. Again I was so much in the “really can’t be arsed” mood, this is where you try to find a reason why you can’t do it. But I pushed again and said. . DO IT!!!

So I load up the “this routine is the one that puts the X in P90X” – it is hell on earth . . . there is a cardio routine which is lower level. . but no point aiming low now! 🙂

One of the things that kept me going through this – is the feeling that I am actually losing fat. My weight has dropped slightly and I’ll be happier when it drops to below 16st and remains there. But I don’t feel so . . . fat. Whether this is the case or not. . .I don’t know. But time will tell.

Todays workout was a tough one to be honest. I’m pretty sure I did more than last week – but my problem is the inside of my foot on the curved bit. GOD that hurt while exercising. I currently do it bare foot (to save the carpet) – but did try my trainers which made it worse. Going to need to look into that more. . it’s always a problem I’ve had.

Towards the end of this workout – I was dying. . . but kept pushing as best I could until the end.

Now – recovered mainly . . . I don’t have the buzz I had last week – but I do know that tomorrow. . is dbl figures 🙂 Really just trying to push through these first few weeks – and even though it will still be hard work, it should be “easier” than I’m finding it now.


Day 10

. . .is that double figures. . OH YES IT IS!! 🙂 Day 10 complete. I didn’t manage to find the time to do the abs, work is manic and I’m off on travels Thurs/Fri – not sure what impact this will have. But again, another late start. . finally got started. Today is Arms & Shoulders – primarily with weights. Now I’m still on quite a low weight. . .but still not going to hurt myself – that said, I feel the burn!!

I was actually happy by the end of the routine – some exercises (tri pushups) I failed at first time around. This time rather than 1 or 2 – I squeezed out 7! So big improvement. I did improve in some others – and I think overall did improve. This time I knew the exercises and did them properly. . before . . it was a bit rushed 🙂

So tomorrow is Yoga – I’ll be in a hotel . .not sure how well this will work. But intend to try. Friday – I’m back after a long travel. . so not sure if I’ll manage the routine. May just mean I do Friday on Saturday . . and Saturday on Sunday 🙂

But – double figures. . I’m happy . . only 80 days to go!!!!


Day 11

Well – I had a scheduled trip to Ireland for a couple of days, and I knew this was going to affect my program.

However – I thought hmmm I could at LEAST do my Abs x working on the Thursday, even more . . it was only Yoga – I could do that in the hotel room.

Anyway – things didn’t work out. . very long day (04:30 – 20:45) and then I’d finished working. So something to eat. . .and bang I was ready to sleep.

Bit disappointed – but then it was Yoga . . which I am not too worried about.


Day 12

. . . another long day at work, then flying back from Dublin.

So would it happen today??? Unfortunately not – 2 days missed and I’m pretty pissed off about it too. By the time I got home – I had time to shower, change and then out for my normal Friday night.

Tonight was meant to be Legs/Back – an important one. So I made a decision – tomorrow I will do the legs/back and push the Kempo onto Sunday (my day of rest!). This means all I will have missed is some abs X and Yoga – not the best situation, but gets me back on track.

Some good news – friends I go out with on Friday actually said it looks like I’m losing weight 🙂 My face was “thinner” and my shoulders looked better (ie less fat more defined). Have to say this made me feel really good :).

So hopefully Saturday I can kick myself back into the routine and go for it!

Next week is the REAL problem though – the joys of Copenhagen with work for Mon/Tue/Wed/Thurs. I know I won’t be able to do some of the routine at all. So hoping the hotel has a Gym – in which case will go down and just do a good workout based on the P90X routine I should be doing.