Monthly Archives: March 2010

So I love my dogs. . . BUT!

Well on one hand camping was a complete success. We had a really good time in the end and good company with my brothers family. The weather was very mixed, but personally, I love sitting in a tent nice n dry while it is raining outside with a can of beer and a book 🙂 The intention was to do alot of sailing with my brother, but from the moment we arrived I just wanted to relax and unwind. . . which is exactly what I did 🙂

However – the dogs don’t necessarily allow this 🙁 While the campsite was quiet it wasn’t too bad. But as it got busier the dogs got worse (running up and barking at people). They even barked at my brother nearly every day even though 30 seconds later they were happy being fussed! It is something we need to sort though – at the end of 8 days we’d both had enough and decided to head back while we had a nice dry day to pack up.

It was really the first time I’ve found the dogs to be a problem. We did a few trips out – and again. . with the dogs each trip was a nightmare.

I wouldn’t mind but even after a 9-10 mile walk. . .they were STILL jumping up and barking 🙂

But – all in all we had a nice time and some lessons learned.