The Claim Guys – Review

Well – short story first. . .

As a young adult I took out many loans, each time my bank approved me but on the basis I took out payment protection. At the time – I just said yes, no option to not take it but very much IF you want the loan you have to.

So – moving on 20 years. All these PPI things happening I just though – nopes too long ago etc etc. A friend got something backdated a LONG time – via a company called The Claim Guys.

He passed on the details and I thought I’ve got nothing to lose. . and hadn’t. The costs from them were VERY steep – 30% + VAT. But I thought it was worth it – they will do the work and I’ll either get something or I won’t.

So a call with them led to a bundle of forms to fill in. . .but I thought what the hell and did it.

Everything sent off and nothing from them, so I called to confirm they had the paperwork. The Claims Guy people acknowledged and it was a waiting game. A few weeks later a get a MASSIVE bundle of paperwork from my bank to complete. Called The Claims Guys – who just said sometimes they do and to complete it. So I took the time, filled it all out and back it went.

From this point I’d had NO proactive communication from The Claims Guys – without me calling to check on progress. I got phone calls from my bank to validate information, and called them a few times for updates.

Eventually – I get a confirmation letter from the bank with an offer, which is great news. In the same post was a request for payment from The Claims Guys. Bit miffed at this point as I’d had to call them to progress things, or get updates. . but the minute I get something BINGO a letter requesting payment IMMEDIATELY.

So I’ve no money come through from the bank but an immediate request for money. To make this better, the next working day I get called by The Claims Guys – asking if I’ve got the money and to pay them. So as soon as they want something, they can be bothered to call me.

Overall I can’t complain as I got money I never thought I would, but a lesson for everyone else. .

All that The Claim Guys did was to contact my bank, with basic info of my name, addresses and asked the bank for details of any loans with PPI attached. This triggered the forms from the bank for me to complete + the calls with the bank until completion. I had expected they’d manage communications with the bank and manage the overall process ensuring the best offer for me. But they didn’t – that was ALL down to me. They didn’t update me on how things were going, left that to me. So please learn and DO NOT USE THESE COMPANIES – especially if you expect them to do the “end to end” management. They’ll fill in a form you could, charge you silly money for it – making you feel they can do this better than you and you’ll still have to do the rest. Fill in all the paperwork, chase the bank.

So as a company I’d score them pretty low – when they want your business they’ll call and chase you. But soon as they have it – they are on to the next person. Until you owe them money (which you’ve not even been paid yet!) Then they chase you again. When I did call them I was made to feel I was wasting precious time!

The service they provide – well after going through it I never would again. My wife will be progressing a claim – and we’ll manage that ourselves.

Please learn from my mistake – yes we’ve got money back, but to pay someone £1000’s for filling in a simple request to your bank/lenders. . .don’t fall for it. They add NOTHING over and above what you can do yourselves.


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  1. Kelly Anne Bainbridge

    I have a claim going on just now with use Ref. 9672694, I haven’t heard anything in over a month.
    Can you please advise

    1. Termite Post author

      Hi – I would only suggest you keep on chasing them. Again – you will need to chase The Claim Guys repeatedly, and do most of the work. Once your claim is resolved – they’ll be constantly chasing you for payment.

      1. Santa

        I wish I read this reviews first. I emailed this claims guys recently asking them if they are genuine to hold business and i hope they are. Its been over a year now that i never heard from them instead to communicates me they keep sending the same forms over and over again. Do i ask them to cancel my claims?

        1. Badsh

          yes don’t go into their hell do it yourself . fill out simple form on your credit card or bank website and resolve this then you don’t need to face these cons .

      1. Karen

        Hi Lilian

        I’ve had to fill the same forms in over 10 -15 times and they still have not progressed my claim despite it being over 3 years now. I know I had PPI years ago but can only tell them its for a car loan – I’d only been with one bank yet they can’t find any information!!

  2. Amanda

    Over one year now this company have been “dealing” with my ppi claim!!
    Most of the work I have had to do myself!
    Shameful!! Do not touch!!

  3. LYNDA


    1. pete huskins

      agreed. they are utter cowboys! They are spending all their efforts chasing me for a fee on a claim that hasnt been paid yet sending numerous quite threatening e-mails and texts despite me not having received any compensation yet.

      1. D Stanley

        I total agree utter cowboys, the only honest way to describe the claims guys

        chasing me for there fees for money they claim to have recovered from a credit card for me, I have not herd anything from the credit card company nor have I have received anything from the credit card company and now the claims guys claim “this recovered money as been paid into a credit card account of mine” BUT THE ACCOUNT NUMBER THIS MONEY IS SUPPOSEDLY IN IS NOT MINE.
        This has been reported to the claims guys but they insist it is my account

    2. Geoff Thompson

      Surely we should be able to take them to task. They are misleading us into thinking they will do all the legwork. This type of thing is what we are claiming for in the first place. Being misled.

      1. Termite Post author

        Unfortunately they are doing what they state they’ll do. When you challenge on having to do the paperwork – they point out that the bank requires US to do it etc. Only real way is communication – surprisingly this post comes very high up on google searches and I do notice a lot of visits. So hopefully people will become aware.

  4. TONY

    I went through the Claims Guys system I had several credit related PPI’s. One being with Lloyds Bank, which totalled
    £3850.00. I thought Wow, Great, they (Lloyds Bank) contacted me by letter, making me an offer of this amount. and yes I received a letter from Claims guys wanting their fee. I replied with “When I get my payment from Lloyds, you will get your fee. I had been through all the other things form filling etc.
    I then got another letter from Lloyds stating that they had to send my cheque for the above to the Official Receiver,
    because I had been made Bankrupt August 2007 and discharged in August 2008.
    So although I had been through the Bankruptcy System of 12 months Bankrupt and then the further 5 years of not
    being able to obtain Credit, I couldn’t have my PPI Payment because it was classified as an ASSET!!!!!. ( Lloyds Bank were one of my creditors in my Bankruptcy case).
    I got back onto Claims Guys about and they were not really interested, so I told them “If I don’t get my PPI payment they would not be getting any Fees from me.
    I told them that the can discontinue any other PPI INVESTIGATIONS !!! Because if the results were going to be the same as Lloyds, then there was no point in pursuing any others, so they can close my file.
    I had a letter from them saying they had done this. then a phone call from them saying they were still waiting for a result from two other LENDERS !! I wont comment on that. So if anyone else is on this “fools” errand don’t bother.

    1. Termite Post author

      Yup – they just grab money unfortunately! But thanks for sharing – people need to understand . . while sometimes it IS the easy option. . .it isn’t always the best. The Claim Guys are just after what they can get an any expense. Once they have done what they can (usually initial enquiry) YOU have to do the work and then get hassled for money before you’ve been paid!

      1. andrea vickery

        Worst company I,ve ever dealt with,,received my offer quickly then it went down hill from there.Hounded for money ended up paying 100 so they would leave us alone.Never received any communication had to go in bank 6 times ended up doing all the work myself.we have made a complaint,they said they tried to contact me over 100 times and I hadn,t bothered to answer..b@lloKs,……Use I smart solutions we found them good

    2. janet bush

      I am now having the exact same problem, The Claims Guys are demanding that I pay them £2698.68. I also did not receive any money as it went to the Official Receiver, today I received a notice of Legal Action from them . I phoned them this morning and again I was asked to pay it, again I told them that I have no to be able to pay this as I did not receive any of the ppi, can anyone tell me what I should do now? I have sent all the bills and the Legal Action notice from The Claims Guys to the Offical Receiver,

      1. Termite Post author

        I’d suggest contacting Citizens Advice for your first step, honestly not sure how these things work out. But I’d assume that The Claim Guys would need to request via the official receiver for any funds to be released if you’re going through bankruptcy?

      2. Acerry

        Unfortunately I have been through the same process and you’re still responsible for paying their fee despite the fact any money you may have been entitled to has gone to the Official Reciever. They actually say it at the end of the call during that long speech you can never understand and it’s in there in the small print so it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get out of paying the fee. Sorry! The same happened to me and I was not happy!!

      3. Karen Abbott

        I am having the exact same problem at the moment. Please can you let me know how yours turned out. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks

  5. pete huskins

    Wish I’d done a bit of research before agreeing to let “theclaimsguys” handle my PPI claim, but I guess I was lazy which is how they get their business. RBS agreed in writing to pay £2400 and immediately I was getting regular phone calls, letters and txts from the company demanding their % despite being told several times I had not actually received any money yet. “Could I pay a % of their fee?”, no, and yet more letters. Im getting a bit bored and fed up with it now. When I actually get the money from RBS, of course I will pay the fee, as agreed, but before? Do one!

  6. David Panter

    Over the last few months have paid the claims guys over £10,000 (30% + vat) so have done quite well but they are not
    very helpful now we have got to the last few outstanding, no feedback unless you call them and you are left hanging on waiting for an available operator, don’t answer emails sent to them, sent me a letter last month saying another payment confirmed but I am stiill waiting for this payment nearly 4 weeks later although they have chased for there payment, but never pay them until payment received and cheque cleared, overall obviously pleased with money recovered but there customer service is awful and could have probably done the work myself.

  7. Ever hopeful

    I’ve got the initial paperwork and was planning on having the free PPI check and then not employing them to do any more. Has anyone else done that without problems. Any info much appreciated

    1. Termite Post author

      To be honest, after listening to the latest adverts on the radio I did have a little giggle to myself. “We won’t pressure”, “we’ll do it all for you” – while I’ve not gone through this recently with them (and would never use them again!) all my experiences and those of others who’ve commented they WILL chase and you WILL have to do a majority of the paperwork the banks send through. All they will do is the initial request, you complete the paperwork. They state they can’t as they don’t know the details (which is true – but certainly not how they advertise). Then once you’ve done all that, they do nothing. . . you wait for the bank to respond. When the bank does – and IF you get any money, you’ll be hassled before you’ve received anything for payment daily. When you’ve been paid – they’ll continue hassling until you’ve paid (no wait time, just hassle). THEN to top it all off – line yourself up for more calls in the future asking about any other credit cards you’ve got, let us check for you (I think I’ve had about 10 of these until I finally lost my rag with them!). Definitely CHECK if you’re owed PPI – if via them (and then doing yourself) CHECK THE SMALL PRINT! I cannot believe these guys will do as they advertise for free without hassle. Good luck with it though.

      1. Maria Welsh

        I’ve told them I want to cancel my claim with them. They’ve told me that there is a fee. They haven’t been able to get any PPI for me and I haven’t heard from them since April.Can you help? Thanks

        1. Termite Post author

          I can’t help resolve – but worth checking what you signed or asking them where a fee was mentioned to cancel. If they haven’t found any – are you aware of any you can claim?

    1. Termite Post author

      Two questions? Once you’ve been paid (or even before) you’ll get hassled by them. In general before receiving any money they will be chasing you. Once you HAVE the money I think it’s 30 days (not sure) before you have to pay per contract.

  8. Julie

    Received a settlement from building society this morning alongside in the same envelope a payment form for claims guys ( I knew on instructing them is need pay their fees if 30% plus vat.
    Woman rang yesterday saying I need pay them ASAP.
    My question is….
    If I send the offer form back to the building society ( it has an address and ref no at the top ) will the building society transfer into my bank account. I will then be able to make payment of CG fees.
    Obvs I am not in a position to pay their fees until settlement is transferred!!
    Any advice appreciated thanks!!
    Julie X

    1. Termite Post author

      Julie – normally the money is transferred into your account. Once there you can pay The Claim Guys. Worth confirming if you’re unsure though.

      As per most of the comments – once the bank has confirmed you’ll get some PPI back, then The Claim Guys will just hassle you repeatedly until you pay. This is whether or not you’ve been paid!

      My recommendation is to wait until the money is in your account – and when it is. . . pay them. Until then. . I wouldn’t worry about things and to be honest ignore them. If there are any issues in the money being transferred to you, then get onto the claim guys and make them chase.

      It gets worse when you get follow up calls – asking if you’ve any other cards they can “do the work for you” on!

      The good side is – you’ve got something back, so it was money you didn’t have originally. . . . .but overall – I’d personally rather I’d done it myself as I did all the work and still had to pay them :/

  9. Keith

    Absolute ridiculous company – avoid like the plague. Got a letter of these Con Guys stating I had been offered an amount from Lloyds. Well news to me as they must have been told first.

    Well talk about hassle, repeated phone calls wanting payment when I hadn’t even received notification from Lloyds of an impending amount.

    If I get any more phone calls from these people I`ll report them to the Ministry of Justice for harassment


  10. Sasha

    Stay clear of the claims guys, they pressure you into going with them, don’t tell you they charge 30% + vat on each n every claim (including interest of 8% paid by ppi company for mid-selling). I went to them with 1 account number, had a letter back from Halifax saying I had 3 loans over 20+ yrs ago with ppi and now the claims con guys want nearly £5k. It’s disgusting

  11. kenny

    jeez wish id read this 1st too. iv heard nothing i phoned 3 weeks ago nd got long story about offers. im phoning them tmrow. ansd see what they upto

  12. Brian

    Just had the initial claim forms from the Claim Guys.
    Needles to say I will not be returning them having read all the complaints
    from different people. Thanks to all for the warning. I will now go it alone!!

    1. Termite Post author

      Good luck and it’s the right thing to do. Martins Money has some guides on doing this – well worth checking it out.

  13. Maureen White

    Oh dear, I clicked their link earlier and immedately started receiving really dodgy looking spam emails I cannot stop. DO NOT press their “Frre No Hassle” links. Not intending to complete anything they send and sorting out myself. I hope this is enough to get rid of them. Can anyone advise if this works or am I now going to be pestered.

    1. Termite Post author

      In my experience – just hoping they won’t contact you isn’t enough. After getting about 3-4 calls a week I finally got angry and demanded they remove me from the database – this stopped the frequent calls. . .but I still get the odd one. You can report them if they continue – but it’s good information for others. It is NOT hassle free.

      1. Galvin Tosswill

        Galvin Tosswill
        Hi There
        Who do or i can i report this scandulous bully of a company too?

        1. Acerry

          If you have already dealt with them you have to complain directly to them before complaining to anyone else like MOJ or the legal ombudsman. My advice would be file a complaint with them and then go on to complain to the ombudsman.

  14. Tanya

    I wish i had researched these idiots too , i had 5 phone calls a day then on top of this emails and txts with threats of , if i did not pay further action will be taken ! Still not received my cheque off my bank , but i was so worried of claims guys putting costs on my bill , and fed up of them ringing , emailing and txting me , so i paid today ,
    Bad expereince , and very big lesson learnt !!!! People avoid

    1. Termite Post author

      Horrible to hear that you’ve paid without receiving anything. I’d have held off personally – they can always progress with the bank to verify if you’d been paid.

  15. Ros

    I’m using this company. Wish I’d seen this thread beforehand. Once they start the process, are we not able to cancel and take our claims elsewhere?

    1. Termite Post author

      Pretty sure once you’ve sent back the initial paperwork you authorise them to continue (for anything they find).

      If money is found and you went elsewhere – they’d still demand and expect payment.

  16. unhappy 1

    Hi I have also had a bad experience with the Claims guys, they initially told me I would receive a certain amount from a credit card company, I got less than what they said, so I queried it and was told by the CG that MBNA made an error, i requested to see the paperwork from MBNA stating this, it took them over a month to send me the photocopies, during this time I filed a complaint with CG about the way they were dealing with me with the constant harrassing calls and demands they were making of me while I was still waiting to be paid. I eventually did get paid but they demanded the fee on the initial amount and not the lower amount that I was paid, I disputed this again and eventually they did pay. My complaint was disregarded and so in disgust I have offered to pay them their fee in instalments, can I do this without being taken to court or their debt being sold to a debt management company?

    1. Termite Post author

      Not sure on where you’d stand with monthly installments – my gut feeling would be you’d get taken to court (especially with how they’ve been treating people previously based on comments below with bully type activity). But honestly not sure how they can charge your for an amount you didn’t receive – that I’d definitely challenge. Personally I’d probably pay them what is owed based on what was recovered, and probably see them in court for the rest (this is a risk here you’d be taking). At the end of the day – learn from the mistake of using them here. Unfortunately the paperwork you sign is pretty damning, which of course no one cares about at first but it REALLY ties you in. It very much comes down to how much you want to fight. . . .and put up with the bullying and aggressive tactics they use 🙁 Constant phone calls, threats to pay or they’ll “recover” it etc. If you’ve got a decent credit record – that could be impacted with a CCJ etc.

  17. Penny

    Like others I fell for this but to date have only sent back free PPI check form. So I am glad for all comments and will not be using them further

    1. Termite Post author

      Glad to hear that this has helped – just be aware that they may now start hassling you on the phone and also make it clear that you DO NOT want them to progress. I could quite easily imagine this company progressing your request without approval then trying to demand money. . .

      But – definitely DO follow up on any potential PPI you may be owed. It can go back a LONG time and personally I didn’t realise I’d get anything at the time.

  18. John

    Thanks for all the posts..this is from
    You’ve saved me from hell….STAY CLEAR everyone!!!!

    Claims Management Regulation»Claims Management Regulation
    Business Details
    Business Name:
    The Claims Guys Limited
    Lynnfield House
    Church Street
    WA14 4DZ

    Trading Names:
    Happi, Panda PPI, My Money Back,,, Application Refund, Bank Refund Applications, Return My Money, The Claims Guys, Your SmartSave, D and G Claims, Finance Return, Let’s Check PPI, Top Hat PPI, ClaPPI, Henry English, London Claim Company, Sunny Claims, Initiative Returns, UK Claim, Solution Claims, Red Box PPI, PPI Flag, My Smart Returns, Free Check 4 U, Postbox PPI, The PPI People, The Guys, Specialist Guys, My Free Check, Badger Claims, Money Sheperd, The Claims Girls
    Financial products/services
    Authorisation Number:

    1. Termite Post author

      Thanks for the info – I wasn’t aware of the scale of the other trading names they used.

  19. steve

    hi, and help….I was curious about ppi and did a free ppi check online not realising what trouble this would cause me…..few days later received a package from the dreaded claim guys with my name on with all my details of a claims to NatWest bank…thinking of the no win no fee, I stupidly filled in the 4 claim letters authorising them to deal with NatWest and the fos form…..ive had an offer made to me now from NatWest for £3,500 and claim guys want 1200 now before check received has others have said…..but I may not get a penny has now this may go to pay other debts of in the banking group….but these termites insist on still paying… I don’t remember seeing and more importantly signing them ….or being told of the 14 day cooling off period…does anyone know how this was or should be conveyed to us the customer? because I don’t remember reading or signing it….I know I’m still an idiot for going ahead with it….

    1. Termite Post author

      Unfortunately – you signing and returning paper work is your agreement to them to proceed I believe. So not much you can do on that side. . . not aware of the 14 day cooling off bit though.

      In regards to payment – until you’ve been paid, don’t pay them. That’s my advice. Pretty sure they can confirm with the bank once funds have been released – but until that time. . .don’t pay. If Natwest have made an offer (and it’s been accepted) then you should get that payment. You’ll probably find that the acceptance is down to you and regardless of whether you accept or challenge you’ll owe The Claim Guys the % cut they expect. So bare that in mind.

      Worth looking at the small print they send through – but as far as I know, once you’ve signed and authorised. . . .they will expect money if you get made an offer 🙁

        1. Termite Post author

          I’d contact them and point it out ensuring you tell them it’s not signed and they have no authority to progress.

  20. nikki

    Have had claims through this company and have now put a complaint in agenst them I find them rude when u deal with them u do all the work but still have to pay them and what I would like to know is once u sign there paperwork is there any time limit on it

    1. Termite Post author

      Time limit for them? Not sure – you should have a copy of it where it would state if there was. Fully understand putting in a complaint though. . .it’s good so others know! The comments here are NOT a good reflection on them at all.

  21. Tony

    I contacted this company initially on the basis that I had nothing to lose but their fee. However having discussed the situation with a number of other people, and also read the terrible reviews, I emailed them to advise that I was not going to proceed and at the same time instructed them to remove my details from their database within 7 days. They acknowledged my email but, needless to say, failed to carry out my instruction and so continued to text me.

    Beware as this bunch of cowboys seem to have the ability to bypass ‘withheld’ numbers!


    1. Termite Post author

      Thanks for sharing – in regards to the removal, it ended up (after god knows how many phone calls asking if I had OTHER cards etc) that I just completely lost my rag with the person on the phone stating I wanted my name removed, my experience was awful which I’ve openly shared and further calls will result in me contacting the omnibus man and engaging legal action for harassment. I might have been lucky – or made the right points 🙂 By the way – be careful they still don’t proceed. Keep that email response as proof. . .

  22. Ian

    I wish I had found this blog before!
    If so, I would have never dealt with such an awful company
    I have had just about the worst 1hr 40mins of my life on the phone to [the claims guys] then this morning.

    This afternoon I told my story / complaint to the CLAIM MANAGEMENT REGULATOR (0845 450 6858) – please call these nice people and register your problems with them ASAP!
    Also please call the LEGAL OMBUDSMAN (0300 555 0333) after sending the claims guys a ‘formal complaint’ email / letter / phone call and ask for an acknowledgment within 8 weeks from them [CGs] then proceed back with the Legal Ombudsman after that.
    The first of these two bodies, part of the Ministry of Justice, will not get you any cash back (if possible) but will investigate them and any other claims against this terrible company.
    The second body, depending on the features of your case, the reply might just, though!?

    Just to outline my complaint:
    the claims guys received a PPI cheque (IN MY NAME) from the financial company I was claiming through them against, they cashed said cheque, then kept all the money to pay off other payments they wanted against other recent claims, that as others have mentioned that at 30% + 20% VAT is approaching 40% of the total win, well in my case 99% of it.
    The people that work there may feel happy that they are employed but if they have any decency about them wouldn’t sleep at night knowing what tricks and almost illegal activities they are carrying out against decent people who need a hand in claiming back these nasty old PPI payments.

    1. Termite Post author

      Thanks for letting people know! Stunned they can actually cash a cheque in your name. . . no idea if that’s fully legal?

      Hope your complaints come out in your benefit, but another example of why this is a company to avoid.

  23. Carol

    Hi, I filled in a form for the Claims Guys. My bank has now written to me saying I do have PPI but they wont deal with the Claim Guys as I didn’t sign the form. If I deal with this myself will I still have to pay them.

    1. Termite Post author

      Really good question – not sure how best to progress, obviously you’d want to just deal with your bank directly but you’d need to make sure you’ve not signed any paperwork with them. Perhaps call them and ask for a copy of the signed paperwork and state you’d not signed it for them to progress. They should give you a copy . . if they can’t. . . you might be able to progress yourself and avoid paying them!

        1. Carol

          They contacted my Bank but they refused to deal with them because they couldn’t produce a signed form of authority. The Bank has written to me saying this.

        2. Termite Post author

          Worth checking if you’ve signed anything committing them to carry out the work (separate to the authority form).

          If the bank won’t deal with them I’m not sure there is much they can do if you progress with the bank directly (obviously they won’t know amounts etc). But again – I’m not a legal specialist. . .and knowing these guys you’ll probably find threats coming through. Might be worth discussing with the bank on progressing directly and understand how much you’re looking at. The worst I could see happening is The Claim Guys trying to force you to give them money, but if you’ve not signed anything requesting them to action . . . you might find that legally you’re fine to proceed. Citizens Advice Bureau might be able to guide you better?

          Or perhaps just say to The Claim Guys – you’d not authorised them to progress hence not signing the form and request them to stop contacting your bank etc. . see what the response is?

  24. JACKIE

    I just got a letter saying that my claim has been successful one day next day asking for payment from claim guy. when phoned them not realy botherd about my complaint just wanted to know when can pay. WOULD NOT RECOMEND.

    1. Termite Post author

      Same scenario as many others, rude and pushy even before you’ve got the money and in some cases making people pay in advance with threats!

  25. The Snake

    One of my work colleagues has fallen foul of this lot too.

    I suggest reporting them to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for malpractice and harrassment. I’ve told my colleague to do that too.

  26. Wanderer

    Stupidly I’ve agreed to let Claims Guys check if I’ve had PPI. I’ve signed forms for different accounts that I may have had PPI. I’ve heard nothing since. My question is am I tied in with them now? They said that after they had checked whether I have PPI or not I can decide whether to use them or not. none of the banks have been in touch can I cancel the whole thing?

    Thanks in advance

  27. Stephen

    Cowboys, con merchants, is the only way to describe them.
    I’m sure some of us can think of other, less civilised names, and for others like them.
    There’s nothing professional about them, accept scamming money off people with ridiculous fees.
    I received a letter today from them demanding immediate payment (a third).
    After reading the above, I’m waiting for the threats/demands, etc.

  28. Steve Howarth

    Hi All,
    I’m coming at this from a slightly different angle.
    I received a call from “Get Recruited” who had seen my CV which I fired off to several advertised roles, and a job with these people was flagged up as worth investigating. Unfortunately, I only had the company info via email the same morning as the interview (had I had an hour or so to research “The Claims Guys” I sure as hell wouldn’t have driven 35 miles to Altrincham)
    I’m a 60 year old qualified Mortgage Adviser with some 15 years in Sales, Marketing, Telemarketing and Regulated Financial Sales/General Insurance. I also emphasized that I had a certain ethical approach towards providing the best service to clients/customers, and had only ever worked with equally responsible and quality firms in the financial sector….talk about shooting yourself in the foot ! I was the LAST person these people wanted ! I sat a “test” which was remedial, to put it mildly, and spent 15 mins “listening in” to one of their targeted sales people deliver a scripted/”compliance” spiel to a customer who had responded to one of their adverts. This script took 5 mins to read off the screen, and I doubt the customer would have picked-up on the fact that they DO charge a fee to look at mis-sold “packaged” bank accounts, as this was really a mumbled disclosure at the end of a wearisome sales pitch…not unlike the shorthand spiel that enabled the banks to flog PPI in the first place a decade or so back ! (….You’ll be pleased to know your loan is covered in the event of sickness/accident/unemployment, etc…no disclosure as to at what extortionate cost)
    Hence the very existence of firms like TCG !
    I found this quite ironic !
    Reading the comments here, I’d say rather than pay these “guys” what could be a few thousand pounds for posting a standard claim form to a bank (it seems you get to do all the work anyway looking at the feedback on this site) take 10 minutes and get some free advice online, or download a form requesting the relevant info from your bank, or financial institution yourself. Clearly, the Claims Guys do next to nothing for this extortionate 30% commission, whilst presumably implying this is a fully managed/ one-stop service? (I admittedly haven’t heard or seen their adverts so I am speculating on this aspect, or how they actually present the service on offer)
    To misquote from “The Wall” album by Pink Floyd:
    …Run Like Hell (in the opposite direction)
    ps: I didn’t get the job, or even the courtesy of any feedback till I rang the Agency 2 weeks later.
    I apparently failed the 3 minute role-play, and failed to project the “enthusiasm” for such a fantastic and enviable position with a dynamic, profitable company.
    …Can’t imagine why?

    1. Termite Post author

      Interesting to read and great to hear “from the other side”. Thanks for taking the time to post – again, lots of visitors here so hopefully some good is being done with the comments from everyone and the collective (poor) experience they’ve had.

  29. john

    Well I have claimed via ombudsman on a credit card it was sorted in less than a month
    one phone call and reply on a letter with very little statements , and they paid money direct to my account and had no charges , got back what bank owed me great !!!
    I thought I let claims guys help on next one yes I got burnt you read the blogs here and are accurate
    not saying you wont get your money if you knew how much you were entitled you would not use any
    off these companies as they rip you off like the banks did first .

    1. Termite Post author

      Exactly right – banks are treating this quite openly. There is no value add that using The Claims Guys brings (or other similar companies). You fill in a form, the bank review and respond. Doesn’t matter who fills in the form (although in my case I just had it all sent to me and the claim guys did nothing overall short of trigger it with the bank!).

  30. Helena Heffernan

    Just read all your comments.
    I filled out an online form on Facebook’s Spring pleasant, with my name, date of birth, postcode&address to check if I had any PPI. Then realised that spring pleasant is actually The Claims guys!
    Does this mean I am now committed to using them if I were to have any PPI, am I contractually bound yet? Can I still claim PPI myself?
    When does it become formal contract?
    The stories on this forum is very worrying.
    Thank you in advance for any information.

    1. Termite Post author

      Worth reading what you completed – if it does have small print, it probably has the authorisation to proceed. Again – you can request them not to, you have a right.

  31. Nibz

    Interesting stuff here.
    I have been trying to deal with them but they just keep sending the same forms OVER and OVER saying Oooops have you forgotten something. NO I have not!
    I told them to shove it as I could not be bothered to constantly fill in the same forms and they have told me if I cancel I will be charged!!!
    Anyone else had this? Can they change me for not completing a ‘free’ service?
    They are useless idiots!
    I have raised with the FSA or whatever they are called to see if I can kick them into touch or not.

    1. Termite Post author

      Don’t think they can charge you – but they do just threaten as you go through the process. Bullying is probably the best term!

  32. Diane

    I have also been treated badly in exactly the same way as previous posters. I wrote to them in November 2016 saying that I was cancelling my contract with them due to their unprofessional attitude. They had put addresses in my details that I had never lived at and bullied me every day for weeks for money that I did not owe them. After I cancelled my contract with them they sent me an email saying that I wouldn’t hear anything else from them and that I didn’t owe them anything but they did not put this in writing. Yesterday I received a letter saying that I had cancelled my contract with them on 28 April 2017 but the it would not become final until I paid them £30 cancellation fee! I cancelled in November 2016, I have not written to them since so why are they now saying that I have? I was actually out of the country for all of April this year. I am going to contact the claim management Regulator. I know that £30 is not much but why should I pay it when I don’t owe it? This company should be stopped.

    1. Termite Post author

      They use bully methods to get what they want. . reporting them is the right thing to do.

  33. Graham

    Thank you for all the reviews and answers I was just on my way to post their paperwork and decided to read through .Having noted all the comments I read their Terms & Conditions and realised that once they had your signed LOA,s it could be difficult to get out of any contracts. I will now make my own claims without any outside “help”!

    1. Termite Post author

      Honestly so happy if this has helped just one person. Lots of sites to help with personal claims (Martin’s Money Supermarket etc). Good luck!

  34. Dave P

    Hi all.

    I’ve seen this question asked in this thread several times but not answered fully.

    On the Claims Guys website it says FREE PPI check, no obligation, no commitment and indicates you can pursue any claim yourself.

    So I have completed the first lot of forms which I believe are clled letters of authorisation. If the Claims Guys come back to me and inform that I am owed compensation from one of my lenders can I say, “thank you very much, I’ll handle it from here,” and not owe them anything?


    1. Termite Post author

      There isn’t a specific answer here, we aren’t the Claim Guys. You’ll need to specifically ask them. This is more advice and experience sharing, the main point being – don’t use them. . that it is better to progress yourself.

      From experience, once you complete and sign forms, you are in contract with them.

  35. Dave P

    From their terms of engagement.

    2. Free PPI Check

    f. You can cancel the Free PPI Check at any time at no cost to You either by
    phone, e-mail or in writing.
    g. TCG agrees never to charge You anything for the Free PPI Check.
    h. TCG will endeavour to inform You, free of charge, whether any of the policies
    or accounts that You have had with the Company included PPI.
    j. If PPI is identified then You may choose to utilise the Claims Services defined in
    clause 3.

    3. Claims Services
    a. These are the Terms on which TCG agrees to provide the Claims Services and
    You agree both to be bound by them and to acknowledge them once we have
    received Your Instructions to proceed with Your Claim(s).
    c. If TCG identifies PPI on a policy or account TCG will send You a Lender
    Questionnaire. We will not process Your Claim(s) until we receive Your
    Instructions. You can provide Your Instructions in one of two ways; either by
    returning the Lender Questionnaire to TCG or by completing the Lender
    Questionnaire over the telephone with TCG.

    That reads to me like they cannot proceed with any potential claim (I haven’t been notified that I do have any PPI yet) until I give them authorisation by completing, either by phone or mail, a lender questionaire.

    Your thoughts?

    In any case I have written to them today giving them explicit instructions to cancel my free PPI check across all lenders.


    1. Termite Post author

      It sounds great – but if you read some of the comments, others have had issues with them. To be fair – if they delivered as they say they did, in a good open way, doing the work they say they will (rather than it coming back to you) and upfront about costs. They didn’t hassle and bully people – then it would be a great service you could do. Would still not be the best thing (ie you’re giving away A LOT of money for someone clicking a few buttons). So personally I take what they say with a pinch of salt. I would still expect repeated phone calls on progressing even though you’d made it clear you didn’t want to. Them mistakenly carrying then forcing payment through bullying. Or never receiving a notification to stop. I would personally be doing all 3.

  36. Adrian

    Before Claim Guys contacted me I was contacted by another company to do a PPi check, but being bankrupt they stated that they could not progress the check as any payment would go to the Official receivers. So I left it several years until claim Guys started chasing me. Now that I have been bankrupt over 9 years I thought I would go for it as they did not mention anything about the bankruptcy.

    I did get a payment from MBNA who was one of my creditors so I was happy but also annoyed that I have to pay them 30% for doing nothing. I have also received various letter from Wealth Management companies so they have also passed on my personal contact information.

    I have sent them a complaint letter and will not pay until they have confirmed they have removed my personal contact details as this is a breach of Data Protection.

  37. Dave P

    TCG response below to my email instructing them to terminate actions on my behalf. Looks like I dodged a bullet. I’ll now look into PPI on my own behalf. This forum has been a great help. Thanks.


    Reference- 12750014

    Mr David Perkins

    Thank you for your email.

    We can confirm as you have requested to closed down all of your agreement with us.

    If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us either by email or alternatively you can call on 0203 651 4545.

    Kind regards


    And the letter I sent them:

    Dear Sirs,

    I hereby give you instruction to cancel, with immediate effect, my PPI complaint, reference number 12750014, with yourselves, The Claims Guys, against all the financial and lending providers listed below,

    Sky Credit Card
    Skipton Building Society
    Norwich Union
    Commercial Union

    I have tried calling yourselves, the Claims Guys this morning, Saturday 20th May at 09.05, 09.20 and 09.55 on 0203 651 4545, but get a recorded message saying you are not open until 9am despite it obviously being beyond 9am already.

    I have also emailed you this request this morning 10.04 am to the email address

    I would point you to your Terms of Engagement;

    2.f. You can cancel the Free PPI Check at any time at no cost to You either by phone, e-mail or in writing.

    With this in mind I do not wish to receive any further communication from The Claims Guys other than to confirm you have cancelled my PPI complaint. I would also like it noted that at no point I have instructed you or wish to pursue any possible claim(s) on my behalf.

    Yours sincerely

    1. Termite Post author

      Glad we were able to help! Sounds like you got the right result – who knows perhaps the regulators have clamped down on them a bit!

      Good luck with your follow on claims – just think for each one. . . you’ve got 30% more for a little effort you’d have probably done anyway 🙂

  38. denise thompson

    Hi I also did a ppi check with claim guys I signed for them to go ahead I never heard from them until yesterday in the mine time loylds bank contacted me asked me questions which I gave them answers bout my ppi claim now the claim guys are wanting 5000 of my ppi in fee etc but not show what for they haven’t done anything except demand a payment

    1. Termite Post author

      More or less what happened to me and why I wrote the review. In general – they just ask the institutions if you had any loan/cards with PPI. Any paperwork (by law) should be completed by you. So overall – you still do all of the work then end up paying The Claims Guys a fortune for doing nothing (or very little).

  39. Matt Harrill

    Phew! (I hope) – a colleague directed me to this website after I received an email from the claims guys saying they had identified potential ppi with a lender, and were sending me more forms to fill in. The receipt of the information on those forms would be taken as authorization to continue.

    Suffice it to say I have pretty much copied and pasted the letter that was very kindly put up above on this page, obviously replacing it with my own details, asking for immediate and complete cancellation, sending it to their enquiries address. I won’t be phoning them. I won’t be taking any calls from them. I have a copy of the email saved and I’ll be going it alone with the Halifax.

    A point to be noted, I don’t know if anybody else here had the text on the email, but it does say I can pursue it on my own should I so choose. But if I go with them, they will charge the fee. I am wondering if this is a result of all the negative press?

    1. Termite Post author

      Glad you hear you caught it before committing! They have had a ton of negative press – also if you listen to most PPI adverts on the radio, they advertise under different names as well (but do state they are part of Claim Guys etc at the end).

  40. Nick hill

    I have begun several ppi claims with the claims guys, (it was actually one of their other companies I replied to, not knowing they were the claims guys), thinking what harm will it do. I did not know any of their bad reputation at the time. Currently they are keeping me up to date, with emails, texts. However I find the paperwork they keep sending to say I need to fill in more information is annoying, especially when I don’t have it. I never realized I had so many loans, and remembering each one is difficult, and they seem to want you to remember everything about each one!!
    I read the terms and conditions before signing so was aware of the 30% plus vat fee, the cooling of period of 14 days, and the cancelation fee should I cancel a claim.
    Today I was on the phone for an hour going through further information that they required to send to lenders, and though I find this frustrating, I couldn’t fault the lady on the phone, she did her best to help, and explained all about the bankruptcy issue, and if I had any debt, then the money would pay off that and I would still owe them a fee. She also told me that I will not have to pay anything until I receive any ppi refund from the lender.
    Only time will tell if they turn into a complete nightmare, but I am prepared, forewarned is forearmed as it were.


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